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September 06, 2006

ROK Launches Free Mobile VoIP

by Darla Mack

Viper_logo_04 As I mentioned previously, ROK entertainment has tipped me off to an introduction of their Free Mobile VoIP service.

ROK Mobile, the UK-based mobile applications developer credited with creating, amongst other technologies, the worlds first mass-market mobile TV over 2.5G GPRS and the worlds first copy-protected movies-on-memory-cards for play on mobile phones, today announced the launch of ROK VIPER, it's innovative mobile-to-mobile VoIP service.

ROK Viper is claimed to be the worlds first 'no strings attached' free mobile Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) application.

ROK Viper offers free software - available online at www.rokviper.com which connects compatible handsets wirelessly to broadband via Bluetooth and, in so doing, uses the internet to carry the call rather than a mobile network.

"We all love our mobile phones and the freedom they bring us, but we hate the high calling charges" said Jonathan Kendrick, Chairman of ROK "so we we set out to develop our really easy-to-use mobile VoIP solution as we know there will be universal appeal for such a thing - paticularly if we gave it away for free and it enabled callers to make free calls on their mobiles."

Initially compatible with several Bluetooth-enabled Nokia handsets, ROK aim to add more than 100 mobile handsets to include Java-powered handsets and Windows devices over the next 3 months. 
ROK Viper shows the user who, amongst their contacts, are 'online' - in the same way that MSN shows who is online at any given time. As people are increasingly using their mobiles even when at home because of the ease of use and simplicity of the contact lists stored in mobiles, ROK is confident the on-handset display of contacts will prove very useful to Viper customers.
In addition, for those people without Bluetooth on their computers, ROK will be offering a turn-key 'auto-install' Bluetooth adaptor and application-loaded CD-ROM for sale online.

"All you need do is download the free application from the website and start making calls for free to other Viper-enabled handsets" explained Kendrick "it couldn't be simpler and, even when you call non-Viper mobiles and landlines, the cost will be much, much lower than standard network charges."

With no need for customers to subscribe to any pre-pay account or multi-service bundle, nor to key in pre-fix access codes to use the service, ROK expects Viper customers will encourage their friends, family and co-workers to also use Viper to save mobile on phone costs.

"One of the most popular uses of Viper, we believe, will be business travellers who spend much of their time within Bluetooth range of their PC's - in their offices, hotel rooms or in Wi-Fi zones  - who will now be able to make free and low-cost calls anywhere in the world as easily as dialling directly over the networks - but without the costs involved." Kendrick described.

ROK Viper is described as 'empowering the mobile customer' with ease-of-use functionality and is predicting massive up-take of the service.

Currently the supported devices are Nokia 6630, 6680, 6681, 6682, N70 and N90.  Java handsets will be added later this month and S60 3rd edition multimedia devices will be added in October.



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