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September 06, 2006

Nokia's NYC Park WiFi

by Darla Mack

3424 I had an interesting chat with Anina tonight which led me to her blog to catch up on her goings on.  Since I will be heading to NYC this weekend this might come in handy for me.

Back in July Nokia was selected as the primary provider for mobile services in the free Wi-Fi networks in NYC's parks.  Users equipped with a Nokia N80, N91 or 770 Internet Tablet can download software which will make getting onto the Park Wifi easier plus connect you to a selection of great content.

ParkWiFi Detector
This handy application will automatically detect a free Nokia ParkWiFi network in the range and get you connected in quickly.

Park Channels
Channels is a state of the art mobile media browser in you pocket – with Channels you can access content from leading media companies in an easy to use and convenient fashion.

With ParkCast you can listen to radio over the WiFi on your mobile.

Park WiFi parks have areas known as hotspots where the network connectivity is available. The Nokia Nseries Phones can scan for WiFi networks.

Nokia is helping to bring free Park WiFi networks to 10 major parks in New York City. Central Park and Battery Park launched in August followed by several other parks including Union Square Park, Prospect Park and Corona Flushing Meadows in Fall 2006. By enabling WiFi in parks, Nokia continues to do what it’s always done, connect people.

Park WiFi locations are installed and operated by the company WifiSalon.  Initial coverage is available at the following locations, but installations are ongoing.

Battery Park

  • Around Southern Kiosk
  • Around Northern Kiosk
  • West of the Battery Gardens Restaurant

Central Park

  • North side of the Sheep meadow, near the cafe
  • Delacourt Theatre
  • Summerstage, around the stage area
  • West side of the Dana Discovery Center
  • Near the Dairy
  • In front of the Arsenal

For more exact locations and news on further installations please refer to www.wifisalon.com

via:  Anina.net


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