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September 25, 2006

Nokia N95 Live Preview

by Darla Mack

Yes folks the device does exist and let me just say that its a definate MUST HAVE!!!  In general, at least to me its like the combination of the N91 and N93 in a smaller, sleeker package.  The N95 Mulimedia Computer can only be summed up in one word... MAGIC! 

Tomorrow, Nokia will be unvieling its new Multimedia computer at the Nokia Open Studio Event here in NYC.




Some of the impressive features include:

  • 5MP Photo Lens
  • 2-way slide for fast transformation from multimedia computer to player
  • WLAN or HSDPA (3.5g) withup to 10 times faster download than with 3g
  • 2.6 TFT Display
  • Carl Zeiss optics with advanced Auto Focus
  • VGA Resolution up to 30 frames per second
  • WCDMA HSPDA 2100 and EGSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
  • Supports Micro SD up to 2 gigs
  • Internal memory up to 160mb (memory card is not included in sales package)
  • RAM 64 mb
  • SIP support - client for VoIP in some timeframe
  • Standard Battery Time 215 hours stand-by
  • Bluetooth (including support for A2DP profile)
  • Infared
  • Weight: 120 gms
  • Size: 99mm x 20mm x 53mm
  • Dedicated Media Keys
  • Nokia Web Browser version 2.0
  • Video Output
  • Built-in GPS and world map covering 1000 countries via the Nokia Maps Application.  Additional navigation and city guides will be available for purchase

Priced at €550 the N95 will be available Q1 2007 in 2 colors, plum and sand, with future developments for other colors (yes that means pink!). 

The Nokia maps will be available on a dedicated server and are downloadable. The maps are updated 2 to 4 times per year.  A PC solution will not be available right away but it is under development.

The Nokia N95 - "It's what computers have become".

Stay Tuned for more coverage from the Nokia Open Studio event.


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How can you tease us like this? I had to go on a fit of googling just to see what this this is RUMORED to be. I have to say, if this is as good as I am hearing, I am sold already.


Now, my N80 is old...

james c

Well i'm sold again where can or who can i get one. jc

S A I R U S ..::

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeey there ;)

love the N95 review .. i really think its gonna be the best phone ever . its got everything ..

anyway ..
if its oky with you , can i link to your N95 review on ma blog !!

* keep up the gr8 work ;)


Hi Darla, I have to ask. How did the slide on the N95 feel? Was it sprung or did it lock when it was closed? I know this is a weird question, but I had to get rid of my N80 because it wouldn't stay closed in my pocket. I drove me insane. Thanks...


I got to see the prototype at the NYC Nokia store on Sunday. The sales rep wouldn't let us turn it on to see the screen, but otherwise it was great. It is smaller than my 6682 and a little bit lighter. Brian, since it slides both ways, there is a noticable detent in the closed position. It requires a bit more pressure to open than the N80.

Also, the rep mentioned that if US carrier was interested in the phone for their network, then Nokia would make their branded version work. Now that means, of course, that unbranded N95s would not work with 3G or HSDPA in the US. The big question is, will Cingular buy this phone and open it up for use on their "BroadbandConnect" (HSDPA) network currently aimed at med/large businesses?


Hi Darla. There are a couple of info about N95 which I could not find in the Web yet: 1) How is the battery life (using camera, players, GPS, wi-fi etc)? Charging each 1 or 2 days? 2) How is the flash, compared to N80`s (Is it xenon now, like SE K800?)? 3) Where can I find a list with the 100 countries with GPS maps? 4) Plum and sand colors only? What about silver, like the one announced?
Thanks ins advance!


some say that the nokia price will be €550 but in the shops it will be muc much higher!!!! does any1 know about this?

Um Design

Price of the N-N95 will be much higher than 550$. Nokia will sell it for 550$ without VAT. Price will be arround 650-750$ (depends what Country and store).


Thats the most cool phone i ever seen.Ok so the price is 550$ but how much it will be in store.An reply PLZZZ
I want to buy it


where can i buy it and how much?


"SIP support - client for VoIP in some timeframe"

The big question here: will that mean an N95 Internet Edition, or will it mean a free software upgrade that owners can download?

Even the N80 had SIP client libraries, but until the Internet Edition that wasn't useful unless one spent extra money for third party software (if one could find any).

I'd hate to spend close to $1k on a phone, yes phone, and then have to peddle it and buy it again just to get SIP support....


The price is at €550. But dont forget to add VAT in your country... Its going to first be released in the UK sometime in mid-feb, then its going to spread to the rest of europe. I have the prototype released from nokia and i must say, its the best phone nokia has ever released and it really is worth the money. There are great features which i cant really say at this time, due to the agreement i have with nokia to conceal infos, but there are amazing technology innovations, especially with the wifi built into it.

To your question, there wont be a N95 internet edition. If you think about it, its got every feature needed for the internet (even the wifi for god sake!) So there will be no point of having a dumb internet edition.

Remember its not a phone, its a multimedia device ;-)

camera junky

to Mr rcfa,. question it says VGA Resolution up to 30 frames per second, i persume thats the video recording side of this mobile so wondering please if you know does it record in mpeg4or divx compresion to save space on the memory card, that would sweet and an awesome multimedia device just on that alone :-)

camera junky

to sir Peter,. question it says VGA Resolution up to 30 frames per second, i persume thats the video recording side of this mobile so wondering please if you know does it record in mpeg4 or divx compresion to save space on the memory card, that would sweet and an awesome multimedia device just on that alone :-)

Nokia Fan

The phone is awesome. I have been comparing phones world-wide. Other than the Apple phone, I find the features on this phone to be very good. I wish it had a QWERTY keyboard available in the phone and VoIP available like the N80. Also, the Apple model will have one model with 4GB of storage. Otherwise, it has everything you could want.

jheng rosales

ei folks.. am from philippines i just to ask where can i buy the latest model Nseries, N95? am so mad coz can't find it where can i buy it.... pls. mail me asap if any1 knew where to buy this yhing... thanks...




Well, the Nokia N95 certainly, in my point of view, the best phone yet.
Sony Ericsson's Cybershot is excellent, but that averages to about 3.2 meg, for most of them, while now, Nokia has produced a rather surprising 5 meg.
As for the rest... well, the GPS is great. However, 550$ for America is good, but what about Australia? Over here, (I'm Australian), the price for the phone, which comes out in around April, will be priced at a quite large $1100...
But really, this phone would be the phone to be dreaming about!

Roberto Mabanta, Jr.

where can I get one? philippines. Is it available here now?




i already have a nokiya n95 mobial phot ,i will chage more than 15 hours ,but batery life time is too short wt the reson i would like to kknow that is a problem in battter or my mobial phone


hey! i've got that phone! amazing gadget! has got everything!


I have had this phone for about 2 months now , n i carnt think of a fault for it , although the battery life isnt as good as my previous phone the w810i , i would defo recommend this phone .


its really a cool phone


hey there how come stores the N95 price is so highhhhhhh??

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