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August 22, 2006

Nokia Software Updater Offers Firmware Upgrades Via PC!

by Darla Mack


We've waited... and now viola'!!  Nokia has made its Software Updater available for users to update their phones firmware via PC.  There are actually 2 methods of updating but currently only the Nokia 6131 supports Over-The-Air updates. 

Supported handsets include:  Nokia N70, N72, 6131, 6630, 6680, 6681 and 6682. It is recommended to check for updates approximately once a month to keep your phone software up-to-date, or fix a potential operation problem you may have.

Great job Nokia!!!  And just think... I was add this to my PC Suite Wishlist. 

via:  Tommi's S60 Applications Blog, Symbian-Freak, AllAboutSymbian

If you're looking for Nokia Software checkout Nokiausers.net


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Henrik Nilsson

Hi Darla,

I just updated my N80 with Nokia Software Updater. Even if the phone isn´t mentioned at all among the supported phones it shows up with picture in the program when connected and downloads the update successfully.

Weird it isn´t mentioned in the list, huh?!

Shawn Honnick

I'm wondering if I can update via bluetooth with this. Cords? USB? Huh? :-)


Lol, Shawn what phone are you using? If its one of the supported phones more than likely it came with the data cable.


I just updated my 6630 ! The phone doesnt start updating until the very end. The download+install took 5 mins max. The download was over 25MB btw, so only try if you're on a broadband connection.Restored my backup and voila ! a Much faster ,updated 6630 =-)

Baby Girl

And just when I got rid of my 6681! I'm upgrading to a K790i or N73 at the end of the month so hopefully they'll have the S60 3rd edition phones on soon.

@ Henrik Nilsson - can you see a list of phones in the program,or just the phone that is connected?


Hi Henrik,

how did you update your N80? With mine, there is no new firmware-update available? Did you get the new 4.x-Firmware?

Shawn Honnick


was i supposed to keep all that stuff that came with it!? ;-)

Shawn Honnick

Found the cable and upgraded. Man that is a good feeling! It sucked having to reinstall some aps but I'm happy to have the new version of firmware. I just hope the "if it works don't fix it" law does not bite me in the phone here... I was having no serious problems before. Fingers crossed now! ;-)


I updated my N70 but... old firmware was 2.0536.0.2 and now 3.0546.2.3... but.. I saw on differents forums that the new Firmware it's 5.xxxx... any explanation???
Kind of dissapointed ^__^


Firmware versions are operator dependent. Some have the latest firmware some not. When your operator accepts the latest version you can update that too.


to shawn> there is question about branded/unbranded phones. For some branded phones there is lower version available. Also I found in dusscussions there is lower versions in Nokia Update generaly. You need to wait week or so and try again. Don't worry - my situation is worst. I live in Czech Republic and I buy branded phone - there is no new update. I still have a 2.xxxx ver :o(

manoj sharma

i have nokia 6681 but i cannot update bec my phone is not working with usb cable is there any solutions please mail thanks


For the individual that successfully updated their N80, what version of the firmware did it update to? Also, what is the version of the phone updater? I have Nokia Updater 1.0.88; it recognizes my phone but states that no updates are available. I'm trying to update to the new 4.0623.0.24. Is this the firmware that you acquired??


I may be one of those who did'nt do the "right thing"
After I used the Software updater on my e61, PC Suite no longer connects to it.
I have uninstalled and reinstalled PC Suite but same thing. I re installed the cable connectivity drivers too.
I now have a phone and no information on it.
Please Help..!!..


Hi, I recently downloaded the nokia software updater. I successfully installed and ran it but it won't start. It keeps showing the start button with a green light but when i click on it nothin happens. please help.


I have updater v1.1.25en but it also says there are no updates for my N80 (currently on firmware 3.0617.0.6). Where are you Henrik???


i have nokia n72 and its version right now is 2.0625.2.0.2 rm180 is it latest or have more then this and i have pc at home but don,t have internet so i copied file from internet cafe and then installed on my pc but its showing than no update avalable or ur internet is down what to do do reply me please


I too have installed Updater and get the same as Aru.
Has anyone solved this issue?


I CANT EVEN DOWNLOAD THE SOFTWARE IS THERE A DIRECT LINK???? can somewone pls help me i try to click on the green download button but nothin happens???


I have a 6131 and want to update over pc and not over the air, but i have the firmware downloaded seperately, is it still possible??




When I tryied to update my N80 using Nokia Software Updater (NSU) I got an "Unable to find phone" message. A quick hint for those having this problem:

1. Ensure you have the most recent version of NSU (currently 1.3.04)

2. Do not start up NSU

3. Plug the phone in and set the transfer method on the phone to PC Suite

4. Once the connection is set up, start up NSU and alow it to search for the most recent firmware (currently 4.0623.0.42)

5. Warning...this firmware update is a whopping 70MB so have your phone on the charger and there is a chance that your phone can't be updated even though there is an update available (I downloaded about 50MB only to get a message saying that my phone couldn't be updated)


Regarding point 5 in my last post. I tried to intsall the updated firmware again and this time it worked. I think patience is the go.

Bob Golden

Hi Darla and everyone else here. I have a Nokia N80 Internet Edition cell phone.
I just updated the Nokia Software Updater today and I have the same problem I had before namely that no matter what I do the NSU will not reconize my cell phone at all.
I tried to plug the the USB cable into the phone BEFORE and AFTER I loaded NSU on my computer with no success at all.

The older version of NSU informed me that there is a newer update of NSU and asked if I wanted to update it so I clicked yes and it updated it just fine.

Right now I have the new 1.3.84en version of NSU which does the same thing as the previous version, it just does not reconize my phone. The phone I have is the N80 Internet Edition and my carrier is Cingular here in Southern California.
The existing firmware version I have now is: 4.0623.0.42 and I know that version 5.xx.xx is available right now and I really would love to update the firmware.
Any help would be appreciated a lot. Please leave me email with any suggestions
[email protected]
Thanks in advance.


i have n72 software updater will says in my computer minimm mmry 256 mb what cani do now.

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