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August 31, 2006

Nokia Revamps the N80 To An Internet Edition

by Darla Mack

N80_internet_edition_1 Nokia today announced an updated N80 Internet Edition.  The N80i (as AAS calls it) will offer a way for internet users to interact with some of the webs favorite services in a pocketable easy to use device.

New features include:

  • Yahoo Go application bundled with the phone allowing access to many Yahoo services.
  • Flickr integration in the Camera and Gallery applications as first seen in the N72, N73 and N93.
  • Supports downloading of compatiable third party VoIP applications which use the embeded SIP protocols (also present on the N80).
  • WLAN Wizard to help users get connected to WiFi Networks.
  • Nokia's Download! Client (built on the Preminent technology) and currently available on other phones  as the Catalog application. It allows you to download new and featured applications for the N80i.
  • The Mobile Search application (available for other  phones here) is bundled and found in the top layer of the applications menu.
  • Mobipocket eBook reading application bundled with the phone.

The Nokia N80 Internet Edition comes in two stylish colors, patina bronze and pearl black, and is expected to be available from mid-September 2006.

via:  AllAboutSymbian, Press Release

Press Release

Espoo, Finland - Nokia today announced a way for internet users to interact with some of the web's favorite services while they are away from their PC's, in a pocketable, easy to use device. Nokia N80 Internet Edition brings together wireless LAN (WLAN), a robust browser, support for internet calls, a 3-megapixel camera, and quadband GSM WCDMA coverage along with an easy to use  WLAN wizard (to make connecting to the internet easy), and a host of other internet services not previously installed together on Nokia devices.

The Nokia N80 Internet Edition comes out of the box ready to create, connect, consume and interact with some of the internet's most popular services. Use Yahoo! Search in the Mobile Search application to conveniently search for and find most anything on the web, and use the Mini Map functionality of the internet browser to enjoy the pages you find.  Browse through thousands of items at Amazon.com, or scroll though a book with Amazon's MobiPocket Reader. You can also share your moments online - snap a photo and send it directly from your device to your Flickr site for your friends and family to enjoy too. Connect to the Yahoo! community using the Yahoo! Go for Mobile application. Be it shopping with Amazon, photo sharing on Flickr or simply searching for a restaurant with Mobile Search, the Nokia N80 Internet Edition can provide you convenient internet access when you are away from your PC.

"Mobilizing the internet is a major strategic focus for Nokia and I'm excited to see how people can participate on the internet using the Nokia N80 Internet Edition," said Ralph Eric Kunz, vice president, Multimedia, Nokia. "The internet has evolved from static web pages to communities and people sharing experiences. I believe it will be multimedia computers, such as the Nokia N80 Internet Edition, that will be primary devices for people to participate in this phenomenon, in addition to PCs."

The Nokia N80 Internet Edition comes loaded with Nokia's new Download! client. Clicking on the Download! folder allows you to see what new applications are available for your multimedia computer, as well as keeping other selected applications current.  The fully featured Nokia Web Browser with Mini Map makes browsing the internet easy and you view the web pages just the same way that PC web browsers display web pages.

If you do not know where to go to chill out for the evening, no problem, just use the local search function in the Mobile Search application, now conviently located on main menu, and find a cool bar, have the device show it on a map, or make one click to call it directly. You can even store address and telephone number directly to your contacts to find the place again next time.

Making an Internet call with the Nokia N80 Internet Edition is as easy as making a regular voice call only the call is carried over WLAN.  The VoIP framework (based on the SIP protocol) is integrated into the Nokia user interface, and the Nokia N80 Internet Edition is allows for downloading compatible third party internet call applications. The wireless LAN wizard will help you locate and set up a WLAN connection, when you are close to a WLAN, either at home or a public hotspot.

The Nokia N80 Internet Edition comes in two stylish colors, patina bronze and pearl black, and is expected to be available from mid-September 2006.


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