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July 25, 2006

Voice of S60 Upcoming Podcast - MobileJones

by Darla Mack

If you haven't been following the S60- Voice of S60 Podcasts, you've been missing out on some great stuff.  I mean whats the sense of having the Nokia Podcast app if this isn't the first Podcast feed you put in?

The Voice of S60 kicked off in May 2006 featuring its first podcast with yours truly.  Since then the conversations regarding the S60 world added more experts such as Charlie Schick, Rafe Blanford,  Ganesh Sivaraman and now my gal pal Debi of MobileJones

Stay tuned to Voice of S60 for more upcoming guests.


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Can you post a link to the article?


Hey Conall,
I posted a link to the site and the announcment of the upcoming podcast is the first article.

But here is the link anyway.


Hi Darla,

Sorry, I posted the comment under the wrong article. I meant to ask for a link to the skype-Symbian-Spain post. I did a bit of digging and I guess the link would be to the subscription site Telecom Paper (hence the (TP) at the start of the quote)??

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