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July 18, 2006

SK3 - The Magnetic Field

by Darla Mack

Sk3closedfork Ok this is just scary.  The Internet Patrol has reported that the magnet which is used to control the swivel of the SK3 is strong enough to wipe out the magnetic strip of a credit card.  Would be nice if it could pay the bill as well... but thats a different strength.

"The SK3's swivel screen is held in place by a magnet.  An incredibly strong magnet.  In fact, it turns out, a magnet strong enough to wipe all your credit card or other magnetic strip card data in under a second."

 I'm not really one to doubt... but what makes this build different from its predecessors?  Isn't the same magnetic strip used?  Why weren't there any previous issues? 


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I cant believe this, I've been having trouble with my ATM lately and I didnt understand why because I had renewed it recently. Could this be the reason?

Ms. Bling

Seemed scary to me too, so of course I had to try it myself to see. :-) Using a Sidekick 3 (Swarovski crystal-blinged of course), I gave it a try. Photos at bling-phone.blogspot.com. My Amex card still works though. I don't think it really de-magnetizes all mag stripes - but I'll keep my cards separate just in case!


I sent my sk3 back for another set of reasons, but my sk2 won't even pick paper clips, let alone a kitchen utensil.


Ms. Bling your SK3 looks cool!!

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