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April 25, 2006

The New NSeries Additions N72, N73 and N93

by Darla Mack

(Yawn) As I mentioned early about Nokia's Tuesday, I was one of those people up at 4am watching the webcast.  As expected I fell back asleep.  It's like this... just when you thought you had the best NSeries device, they go and extend the line-up. 


Press Release

Berlin, Germany and Hong Kong, China - Nokia today unveiled a new range of Nokia Nseries multimedia computers and experiences, reinforcing Nokia's leadership in making the Internet mobile. Nokia Nseries has become synonymous with high-performance multimedia experiences and these new devices further establish Nokia Nseries as the leader in mobile multimedia. All Nokia Nseries devices include high-quality video and photo capture capabilities, superb audio performance, high speed Internet browsing and more.

"Nokia Nseries brings mobility to those experiences which used to be linked to a place or a single purpose device. When you have a Nokia Nseries device that is always with you and connected, you no longer need to sit in front of your TV to watch your favorite program or take along a separate digital camera when you go on vacation," said Anssi Vanjoki, executive vice president and general manager of Multimedia, Nokia. "Our goal is to make it easy for people to have their favorite experiences - whether it's sharing video, browsing the Internet or buying new music - with them all the time."

The Nokia Nseries range is an iconic example of the fastest growing product category in the mobile space: converged devices. Nokia expects that the coverged device market will grow to 100 million units in 2006 and to exceed 250 million units in 2008. According to Canalys research, the converged device market reached 53 million units in 2005 with Nokia commanding more than 50 percent market share of that market.

"We launched Nokia Nseries last year to address this fast growing market and we have already sold approximately 5 million Nokia Nseries multimedia computers," explained Vanjoki. "Clearly, people want to have a device that gives them access to all digital content, all the time, wherever they are and at a reasonable cost."

Nokia also announced continued cooperation with Carl Zeiss and Adobe, as well as a new cooperation with Flickr, a Yahoo! company.

"The Internet is evolving towards communities of people actively creating and sharing their thoughts and experiences. Working with companies like Carl Zeiss, Adobe, Flickr and others means that Nokia Nseries customers not only get the best in technology, but also the best in useability," continued Vanjoki. "It's very easy to record video, edit it so you can tell the story you want and then share the finished video with whomever you want. With Nokia Nseries, we enable people to create and share their experiences, in the way they want."

The Nokia N93 is the ultimate mobile device for spontaneous video recording. With uncompromised digital camcorder, telephony and rich Internet communications functionality, it features a 3.2 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics, DVD-like video capture at 30 frames per second, and 3x optical zoom with video stabilization. You can see your memories come to life on the high definition display, or connect the Nokia N93 directly to your TV for a widescreen movie experience.

The Nokia N73 is a stunning multimedia computer with powerful photography features and integrated stereo speakers with 3D sound. In addition to providing the standard range of Nokia Nseries multimedia experiences, the Nokia N73 includes a 3.2 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics, auto focus and support for uploading your photos to the Flickr.com photo community; all in all, a package ready to challenge any digital camera.

The Nokia N72 has high-perfomance multimedia at its core, wrapped in a beautiful pearl pink or gloss black package. The Nokia N72 offers the benefits of versatile photography, entertainment and personal productivity to people who value style as much as technology. Powerful yet stylish, the Nokia N72 is equipped with a 2 megapixel camera and integrated digital music player, with dedicated capture and music keys as well as an FM radio and support for Visual Radio.

The Nokia N93 and Nokia N73, which are based on S60 3rd Edition software on Symbian OS, are expected to be available in July 2006. The Nokia N72 is expected to be available in June 2006.


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oy vey, girl! you are absolutely ga-ga over these phones.

and you happened to post at the same time i did (just added some trackback to your posts).

wow, that's dedication.


I almost wonder if Nokia don't care about their existing (and future) N-series customers. I know phone models advance at a worryingly fast rate, and things are "out of date" quicker than text is when it's printed in a paper (as it's always "yesterdays news", but I just feel like anyone buying the earlier versions is being given a bit of a raw deal.

For exmaple, I'm looking at buying an N80 - they're not out yet, or they've just started shipping in the last day or so. I can't buy one anyway for at least a week or so until the local retailers/networks get them here, yet I won't have the Flickr tool... surely that should be made available to *all* N-Series customers? I really do think the Flickr tie-in should be made good for all N-Series customers, and can't see why they're only doing it for the new trio of handsets.

And also there was talk somewhere about Anti Virus being included on the latest three handsets... yet not on the other N-Series phones? Why not? Surely if they're "computers" like Nokia seems to prefer to call them (don't dare call them phones, I think they'd beat you with a stick if you did!!), then they should extend that "support" to all of their N-Series customers...

Also another point that is in my mind - don't the handsets seem quite cheap compared with the current handset prices? Again maybe it's the pace of progress and the falling costs to make them, but surely it'll see the existing announced-but-not-released handsets tumble in price...?! N80's retail price is about the same as the N93 isn't it, despite not having Carl Zeiss optics, dvd quality video, and the free Adobe Premier Elements 2.0... do I wait a few more months and get the N93 or go for the N80 like I've been planning on doing, hmm... choices choices...

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