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April 08, 2006

Spodradio - The Next Generation of Mobile Radio

by Darla Mack

Its funny how I am easily influenced by software.  Especially any type of media software.  A few days ago I talked with my buddy Frank about possibly podcasting on my site.  I'm not really sure if its something that I want to do, but it would be something that I would try.  Having that orgasmtone following me around without any sound of my real voice is a bit disturbing I think.

Fescr007_6 Frank mentioned to me about a new streaming radio app for series 60 called Spodradio.  Spodradio is the first Series 60 Mobile podcasting solution, or so it says in its user guide.  Unfortunately, the website is in German but its pretty simple to understand where the download is.  The user guide is in English.

Spodradio works with both GPRS and UTMS devices (UMTS preferred) and is supported on symbian devices such as the Nokia 6630, Nokia 6680, Nokia 6681, Nokia 6682, Nokia N70 and the Nokia N91.

Spodradio offers some pretty cool features such as song rating (free), ringtone dowloads of the song playing (if available and 2.99 Euro), Discography of the artist playing and radio quizes (.49€).

Currently, the only issues that I've run into, and maybe Frank can stop by and elaborate more since he's been using it for awhile, is that the podcast option doesn't appear on my device, although it is or should be available.  According to the PDF user guide, podcasting was said to be available via subscription in March.

Another thing is that the current radio list doesn't support US stations as of yet.  Once I downloaded the app via sms, the message that I received along with the link did state that the website is in German but will be available soon in English.  In any case, I'll play around with it for a while, but chec k it out for yourself, and if you are fluent in German please post some comments... in English of course :)


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Last time I tried it, didn't support S60 3rd Edition. I am getting annoyed by developers, distributors etc. not paying attention to this. Seems that they just throw those Nokia product numbers there, without bothering to check first.


hay darla, evn i hv downloaded ths app, i m usin nokia 6600 bt wen i m startin ths app, its sendin sms for register thn i m getin sms 4m spodradio wt password thn nothin happen aftr tht n app shows reg fail. Each time i start ths app happens d sam thin, i m stuckd, plz help darla. I m 4m india.


Works fine for me in 6620 & 6682! Use Mobilcast, Mobile Radio , Virtual Radio, ORB & you've got the WOrld Covered!!

Andreas Vollmer

Hey Guys - hit me with a short eMail and I try to help...


yeh im having the same problm as jukka everytime i start the app it says reg fail ive even recieved a txt frm them giving me the password yet i start and it doesnt tell me where to enter the password the thing is just so stupid. im usin a nokia 6680 could som1 plz hlp me thnx

[email protected]


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