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March 13, 2006

Incoming Call? Check Your Rearview Mirror

by Darla Mack

ModoofreeplusbtHow cool is this.  Being able to view your incoming calls via your rearview mirror seems to be much safer than looking down at your cellphone while driving. 

ModooFree BT is a handsfree bluetooth car kit which displays and announces your incoming calls.

ModooFree BT works with all GSM/CDMA/TDMA/PDC cellphones and all cellular networks and features 12-digit caller id, voice announcement for incoming phone numbers, changeable ringtones digital noise and echo suppression, a surge prevention circuit and more.

According to Gearlog there aren't many links to purchase here in the US but they did manage to find 2 sites selling it.  Backup Eyes.com and MillionBuy.com.

via:  Gearlog


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