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February 03, 2006

Pink Motorola RAZR V3 for Cingular

by Darla Mack

V3_pink_cingular_front_1Yes its true!  Cingular Wireless will be offering their Pink RAZR V3 in another slightly different shade then Verizon and T-Mobile.  BubbleGum Pink.  But at least they are getting one, right? 

The Motorola RAZR V3 will be available online and at select retail locations starting February 6th.  Cingular will be pricing the Pink RAZR the same as their existing RAZR - $149.99 with 2-year service agreement.

via:  MobileBurn

Motorola RAZR V3 Pink (Cingular)

Motorola RAZR V3 Pink (Cingular)

The Motorola Razr V3 is expertly crafted to deliver exceptional performance. Inside the ultra-thin design are advanced features like MPEG4 video playback  Bluetooth® wireless technology  a digital camera and more. And with the precision-cut keypad  minimalist styling and metal finish  the V3 looks just as beautiful as it performs.  The Razr V3 features:    Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) capable  Mobile Instant Messaging using AOL® Instant Messenger™   Quad-band international capability   Polyphonic speaker and downloadable ringtones  supertones  and full-audio ringtones   Integrated digital VGA camera with 4x zoom  image quality options  and auto-timer   Photo phone book and picture Caller ID   Built-in speakerphone   WAP Browser  Java and Bluetooth capable   Voice activated dialing and commands*   MEdia Net (Wireless Internet Express) capable*   Video download and playback capabilities   Personal organizer: Calendar  calculator  alarm clock  and currency converter     Included Accessories  Lithium ion battery  Compact wall charger


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ok, so help me out.cause i am so confused. so cingulars 'pink' razor is a DIFFERNT pink than the tmobile 'magenta' razor right? cause i was about to get the so called 'pink' razor from tmobile but it was too dark and i didnt like it, but NOW cingular has a ACTUAL pink razor? is that right?


Yes. Cingular's "pink" razor I believe is a completely different shade then the Tmobile and Verizon one. I do not like the shade of the ones at those stores, and I was already a member to Cingular so I bought it there just yesterday. I <3 the color of this phone. Everyone I know wants my phone and so many people are jealous. I just hope that I maintain the only one in my school with it for awhile longer. I recommend getting the one from cingular thought. It is an absolutely beautiful shade.


Kim Smith

How much will they be selling it for if I already have a contract???


I found this site through Google, searching and searching for a Pink Razor for my wife for Valentines Day through Cingular. Found the best deal for it right off this website, letstalk.com! Only problem was I had to wait until March 2 for it to ship, but its worth it! You just made my wife's day, I really appreciate it, wether you realize it or not! Cannot wait to see it, the pink on the Verizon and Tmobile are too too pink...


I have Cingular's pink razr and I love it. It is actually pink! I bought it in the cingular store but they only had 1 out of 4 in stock when I went. Some lady reserved it but she didn't show up so I got it. Yippie! The only downside is that Cingular doesn't have a matching bluetooth earpiece yet. I had to buy one that was like Verizon color razr but its still cute.


i want the pink razr but have been told i cannot buy it without an activation. should i add a line for 9.99 get the phone and then just switch with my existing phone??? would that work????? i have wanted a pink razr for sooooo long!!!!!


I am looking forward to my Cingular Pink Razr arriving on Feb. 21! I terminated my Sprint contract early in order to get this phone! I got another phone for free for my husband, the Sony Ericsson Z520a, he loves that one, and is telling everyone I am getting the pink one. I just hope I don't have any problems with the phone. From what I have been reading on other threads, people have all been having various problems. Motorola has been the brand of phone I have owned the most since I started having cellular service 12 years ago. I haven't personally had any problems with the phones, except for one I had through Verizon. It quit working, and they replaced it with a refurb. Other than that, Motorola has been a very good phone. I have never been so geeked over a phone! And I am 35!


I got my new Cingular Pink Razr today a day early. So far, so good. It's actually a different color than what they show on the computer. It's not a light pink, not matte, and not salmon as some have said. It's a beautiful metallicky dark pink. The camera quality is beautiful, my husband and I compared side by side the Razr and his Ericsson Z520a, and the Razr was bright and perfectly clear! His (which we thought was real nice when we got it a few days ago) is real dark and not nearly as clear a pic, even after being adjusted! I haven't been able to do the customized music stuff, as I have not gotten the cables and software, so I can't comment on that area yet. And here's the kicker, now he wants to send his phone back and get the black Razr! He loves it! It is real easy to use so far, and it has some features that was like our Moto T720s, so it has been real easy to figure out without reading the manual, although I plan on reading some of it tomorrow as I am sure there are SOME differences, haha. This phone has met my expectations, so I am pleased with my purchase.


Where can I buy a Pink Cingular RAZR without a plan? It can be done through Cingular on the phone but its $299 without a plan. If anyone knows a place or site please let me know. [email protected]


Does this phone have video recording capabilities? I've read on some sites that it does and others that it does not.


I paid $349 at Cingular as I have a contract that was my only option. There is a $50 dollar rebate running right now as well so the end price will be $289 and that is about the going price on eBay right now.


Okay so I know this is probably untrue, but I'm exhausting all avenues possible to stay on my blue At&t plan. My current cell phone is the worst possible and my sister bought me a razr phone, but I haven't activated it yet because I don't want to switch to Cingular. A guy at my dad's work says there's a code that you can use that let's you stay with At&t and use the Motorola Razr. Can anyone help me please??? I can't afford to switch over and get the same amount of minutes that I have now without paying like $40-$50 a month more!


i was jus wondering if i can buy the pink cingular razr pre paid?


this seems to be a typically unanswered question, but does anyone know where i can get a VERIZON pink razr without a plan? i already have a plan but just REALLY want the pink razr!

i <3 cingular's pink RAZR!

i'm finally getting this phone this summer! i can't wait. it's adorable and i know i'll make all my friends jealous who have been making fun of me cuz i still don't have a phone..but not for long! i'll have this adorable sleek, pink phone and they'll have their ugly basic silver flip phones!

t-mobile's is ugly. it's like magenta..way too dark. they should have made it hot pink, but not THAT dark...i would have bought it then. verizon's isn't even pink either. it's like purple practically...not all that pretty. and i like the finish on cingular's best anyway. besides the fact that it's the perfect pink! it's like bubble gum, cotton candy pink..so girly and cute!

Charles II

This is not about the phone itself, but about the scams out there offering a "free" phone (or other commodity) for simply filling out a bogus "survey." These seemingly "free" questionaires aren't free, and should be against the law. Furthermore, we should be threatening to boycott Motorola, Wal-Mart, Chili's and others who allow their products or services to be used as lures. One of the worst offenders is = OnlineRewards.com = but they are by no means alone in this fraud. Beware. Your e-mail box will load up with endless amounts of spam (and your phone will never stop ringing if you were foolish enough to give them that information too), but you will NEVER see that free phone.
Another version of the so-called "free" phone scam turns out to be the service provider's offer that's good only if you "sign-up" (pay money) for a minimum specified period of service AND only if you are a NEW account or user. Even if your service period has expired, they'll tell you that you are still signed up, on a month to month basis, by so-called "verbal" agreement. It's bullshit.


i was just wondering if anyone knows where i can buy a Motorola razr from cingular. I already have a plan and i need to know where i can bye one w/o having to get a new service plan!!! Someone plzzzz help me just email me back at [email protected]!!


I got the pink razr today from cingular and it is actually two different shades like the speaker phone part is like a light pink then the face and the battery part is like a darker but cute pink, i had the black razr and then someone stole it so i reported it and asked if i could get the pink razr instead of the black....Its so cute though. I love it!!


My pink razor phone went haywire...My sister called me on it one day and she could not hear me. I tried to push the red button that displays as the hang up button, but it would not hang up. I closed the phone and then it hung up. I called my sister back and she still could not hear me, and again I was unable to hang the phone up. The next day I went to use it and it would not even turn on...it was fully charged ect... So finally after removing the battery for a few minutes and placing the battery back in the phone, a white screen appeared when I opened it up. My outside screen showed a cingular logo, but still no service. Has anyone else had this problem? I got my phone on March 21, 2006 so it is only a few months old.


hey heather, i got a pink razr and i guess it got wet and a white screen came up. we havent even had the phone for 2 months and verizon wouldnt replace it bc the "water indicator" went off. so now if i want a razr again i will have to spend $300. =[[ did u maybe get it in water? u will have to have insurance for the phone to be replaced by water..the guy at verizon said that some phones have a software problem and if it continues to be a problem, take it in the store.
sry, but does anyone know where i can get a razr (pink please!!) without having to get the plan? i signed up with verizon but my accident caused my to be phone-less and im not paying 300 dollars and dontlike having refurbished phones lol
please comment!


I bought a cingular pink razr at the end of May and I have to call the warranty department at least every two weeks. The razr phone is so crappy. Please listen to me, if you have not already bought a razr, DON'T. Yeah it is really cute and everything, and just looking at it, you'd think it was perfect. Well trust me it is not. Now I am trying to get cingular to send me a different phone, instead of the razr because none of the two dozen others work. Well I am not eligible for an upgrade so, all they can do is down grade my phone. I paid $300 for this stupid piece of crap and they won't do anything!


I got the razr as a present and I have no problems what so ever my friend is with verizon and her's has huge problems so we switched phones her's was crappy but mines worked and she had no problem with it cingular's is what I prefer any question e-mail me at [email protected] Ohh and I work at cingular


How can you change the external screen? I feel like the pink razr has absolutely no customizing options. Even my 9 dollar verizon phone had more customizing options than this!


YES! I love this phone! I am getting it on the 14th! Im so excited!


I just got this phone last night...it was $17 with a 2 yr. plan at the wireless booth at my local Sam's Club. Too cheap to pass up!

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