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February 28, 2006

Nokia Unveils Payload for N-Gage Platform

by Darla Mack

Nokia unveils first view of Payload for the N-Gage platform at www.payload-game.com


Espoo, Finland - Payload, the futuristic story-led combat racing game designed exclusively for the N-Gage platform, received a dedicated micro-site today, featuring never seen before in-game footage and information at www.payload-game.com.
The micro-site www.payload-game.com, invites gamers to see the first cinematic trailer, created by award-winning creative studio Alkemi Entertainment, which gives you a behind the scenes peek into the world of Payload. The micro-site lifts the shroud of secrecy behind the Payload experience and includes character information, world locations, a three-part developer diary, plus a range of screensavers and desktop images for the ultimate Payload fan.
"Payload and www.payload-game.com are a testament to the rich story and game depth that is possible on the N-Gage platform," said Gregg Sauter, Director, Games Publishing, Nokia. "Payload combines strategy, combat and traditional racing, where a player can play against up to three friends with an N-Gage game deck via Bluetooth wireless technology for a superior combat racing experience. Or, players can upload high-scores on to the N-Gage Arena to compare their scores with fellow N-Gage gamers."
Payload for the N-Gage platform is a fast-paced combat action racing game where players use 'skims' to traverse exotic and deadly terrains on the Planet Ararat. 'Skims' are futuristic hovercraft bristling with weapons and, combined with a steady hand and lightning reflexes, are the primary tools of the Pitrunner. Players become Abel Harker, a Pitrunner who vies for the right to courier a precious crystalline fuel source called Furium, in a deadly race of death, destruction and mayhem against other Pitrunners. Pitrunning is a ruthless and cutthroat occupation where fortunes can be made or lost in a hail of weapons fire.
Payload for the N-Gage platform is scheduled to ship in spring 2006.


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