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February 28, 2006

Limited Edition Pink SLVR!!

by Darla Mack

Just when you thought there weren't enough pink mobiles... TADA!!! 

Pinkmotorolaslvr_1Motorola announced today that its teamed up with the Carphone Warehouse to launch the limited edition Pink Motorola SLVR.


Thanks Barry!


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Jukka Eklund

Did you notice already that Nokia 3250 will also be available with pink faceplate? I guess that will make it desirable also for the other half of the population :)


Extra cute phone, but I wonder when cell phone manufacturers are gonna figure out that putting out a pink version of wahtever they've already done isn't always enough for girl gadget-heads? I'd love to have a phone in a fab color with great design that also has seriously killer features -- I want to be cute AND tech-forward!

Wonder what they'd come up with if a bunch of us actually got the chance to contribute our ideas...


Sasha, I totally agree. But who do you think would even listen to us? Instead of making something pink a limited edition of something special the manufacturers should have it as an additional or optional color. Or maybe they just don't want us to be cute AND tech-forward. Lol thats why I've had to make m smartphones pink myself.


When is this phone comeing out


There are different pictures of this phone over the web and I want to know what is the color of the keypad? (black pink or silver? =/)

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