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February 28, 2006

Google and Sony Ericsson to Offer Mobile Blogger

by Darla Mack

Search Engine Journal reports that Google and Sony Ericsson are working together to integrate Google's Blogger on SE phones.  (pay very close attention to this next statement)  Google and Sony claim to be the first in the US cell market to provide pre-loaded blogging application with a tight integration to the mobile camera and easy set-up for mobile users who do not already have a Blogger blog.  Have we forgotten that Nokia's Lifeblog integrated with Typepad and comes preinstalled on certain Nokia devices? 

Back to the story:

The first Sony Ericsson products to offer the new service are the recently announced K610 UMTS phone and new flagship imaging handsets, the K800 and K790, announced today and available in Q2 2006.

Integrating Blogger and Google Web Search in the Sony Ericsson handsets will provide a completely new experience for consumers. Icons leading to Google Web Search have been integrated into the phone user interface to provide easy access to the information that Google Web Search can provide.


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Tommi Vilkamo

Heh... Marketing people often say interesting things. On the other hand, I think it really is the first preloaded blogging application that integrates with _Blogger_. Anyway, I think it was a good move from SE and Google. Thumbs up!

Praveen Rajan

Helpful Flash movie to explain how it all works - thanks to Sony Ericsson:


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