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January 15, 2006

Handango In-Hand Catalog Available for S60

by Darla

S60inhandSometime ago I had requested this.  I remember when AAS interviewed someone from Handango and I specifically asked them to find out when this would be available for Series 60 devices.  At that time it wasn't available and no date was determined.

Seems like it discretely made its way to the series 60 software section of Handango and I couldn't be happier!  You won't find it on the regular In-Hand site... don't ask me why, but its available for free download here.

via:  Handango

InHand is an on-device software catalog that simplifies the process of finding, installing and purchasing software applications and games for S60 phones.

InHand provides a new avenue -- the phone itself -- for accessing mobile software downloads. The catalog is an easy-to-use system that allows phone users to access available software.

Each application has several details you can view on the device, including name, short description, user rating, file size, and price. From within each product description, you can choose to try or buy the application. Product delivery and purchasing are completed directly via the phone so access to a desktop computer is not necessary.

This version supports Nokia 6630, 6680, 6681 and 6682 phones.

UPDATE 1/27/06:

After a few emails to Handango regarding the non-working In-Hand, I'm told that this is not yet available for Nokia handsets, even though the product page clearly states that it is.  I'm guessing that in a few days that page will no longer load and the product will be pulled... but thats just a guess.  I'll keep updating via comments on the progress of the app and emails.

via:  SymbianOne


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Darla, any word on how Handango plans to charge you for this content? Credit card or operator billing?

BTW - love your blog!!!! :-)


Hi Phil !!

Actually, I'm still having a problem updating the catalog for InHand. I put an email into Handango and am waiting to hear something. I'm going to assume that the standard preferred method of MC or Visa would be the norm... but I will update once I get a response back.

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