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December 20, 2005

Series 60 Virus Clean-Up

by Darla Mack

For the past couple of weeks I've received comments and emails about Series 60 users getting viri on their phones.  Now in the past I've mentioned new products that have come out like Symantec and F-Secure to protect your phones from getting them, but there is no software that is going to fully prevent you from getting a virus. 

Commwarrior Steve Litchfield from 3-Lib told me awhile back that its not the phone or the anti-virus software but the user that is in charge of what gets put on the phone... and I have to say I fully agree.  There is no way to get a virus without the knowledge of the user.

Steve's virus clean-up article will guide you step by step on checking and cleaning the malware from the phone, but remember, you the user are responsible for the security of your device.  Instead of going out there and buying, borrowing or even pirating an anti-virus program, just apply a bit of common sense and you should be just fine.

Now not to say that everyone is careless.  Sometimes users open mms messages from people that they know thinking that its safe.  This has been happening alot as well.  For this as well as the other issues, I urge to to check out Steve's article, follow it, commence it to memory... and be as smart as your smartphone!!


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Nice tutorial. I never recommend formatting. It should be the last option. And if the tutorial tells you to format the internal memory, then it is also necessary to format the memory card because many malware also create files in the card.

Anyways, it is overall a great tutorial ofcourse keeping the newbies in mind. :)


there really isn't a particular need for a tutorial...aq bit of common sense is all thats needed...1.never accept anything from someone you don't know. 2. leave your bluetooth off when not needed.3. don't download cracked apps..in any event..your smartphone will let you know when there's something it doesn't like...if all of the above fail...get yourself file explorer and learn how to use it...you can usually get rid of most repeated files and the source by deleting them with fs.


I think that there is a need for such tutorials because it is not simple for newbies to understand these removal procedures. And nowadays, the malware have become more sophisticated and removing them using a file manager is not that simple anymore.

However, precautions are easy to understand for now.

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