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December 18, 2005

Gmail Goes Mobile - The Right Way

by Darla Mack

Gmailscreenshot Last year mobile users craved for a way to access Gmail on their mobiles.  So, in December 2004 Gmail became accessible via wap.

Now you can access your Gmail account from your mobile phone or device. Just point your phone's web browser to http://m.gmail.com or here to have the URL sent to your phone.

Your Gmail account stays synched, whether you access it from the web or the mobile interface. It's easy to use and it's free (but yes, your wireless plan could still charge you).

It also has these cool features:
• Automatically optimizes the interface for the phone you're using
• Opens the attachments you receive in messages, including photos, Microsoft Word documents and .pdf files
• Lets you reply by call to people whose phone numbers are in your Gmail Contacts list or enter your mobile number 


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Now that m.gmail.com has opened up, this is what I want to know:

Which is going to generate less data traffic--using Gmail by pointing my phone's browser at m.gmail.com or configuring its POP3 client to access my account?

I pay as I go with data on my wireless plan, and knowing which would ultimately be cheaper would be very useful to know. (Also, if one method is more expensive, are there any real advantages to using it anyway?)



That’s great question! I think that POP will be cheaper than http:// protocol.
I personally use Movamail http://movamail.com/ because it supports POP, IMAP and Webmail (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo mail, AOL…) and it is fast.


Hulsh - thanks for the tip! Movamail works perfectly for me! I am one of these people that refuse to get a crackberry, and love the form factor of my mobile. Movamail is fast and runs smoothly with all my email services. I also noticed that Om Malik at GigaOm is a big fan!
I believe his article is version 1.0 and not the latest release.


PS. Darla's article above is also early Gmail Mobile... there is a new java-client for Gmail Mobile similar to Movamail.

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