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December 28, 2005

AhnLab Develops New Anti-Virus Software for Series 60

by Darla Mack

It's quite obvious that people are still seeking mobile anti-virus protection, and while we can't stop consumers or marketing for that matter I guess the best that I can do is supply my readers with what they ask for.  Rightfully speaking, consumers should protect themselves and even though tutorials and clean-up solutions are available, software is still an option.  Heartstopper informs us that Nokia itself had started a security site to teach users how to protect and prevent.

Pic_v3mobile AhnLab Inc., largest security provider in Korea, have announced that they are in the process of extending their V3 Mobile application to include Symbian OS.  Currently the V3 Mobile app is available for free for Palm users.  It hasn't been mentioned whether the Symbian version will be a free download or even when it will be available, but I would keep checking the website for more details.

via: Company Press Release:

The newly developed "V3Mobile for Symbian OS" provides Symbian OS cellular phones with the following key anti-virus functions:

*Manually scan viruses
*Delete viruses found
*Operate and Update scheduling in various ways
*Manage virus quarantine and profiles 

Plus, the product includes several functions specialized in mobile phones.

There are frequent Symbian OS phone damages from mobile malicious codes and viruses in the regions where Symbian phones are serviced including Europe, America, and Southeast Asia. Thus, many related products have been developed and provided, and they are actively involved in businesses with mobile phone manufacturers.

According to AhnLab's "ASEC Report: malicious codes trend analysis 2005" reported on December 19, a number of malicious codes for Symbian OS such as Doomboot, Cardtrap, and Cardblock have frequently occurred in foreign countries. So far, however, any damages from mobile mailicous codes are yet to be reported in Korea. In the 3rd quarter of this year, the method of transferring mobile malicious codes was changed from Bluetooth to MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) and thus passed over the regional limitation. Moreover, other kinds of malicious codes that infect other mobile phone operating systems occurred, which increases security threats on cellular phones, the report says.

"Mobile virus is not just a marketing buzz now because threats from mobile viruses, hackers and spam keep growing and such threats could cripple mobile device users in the near future," said, Eunseong Kang, Director of ASEC (AhnLab E-response Center). "That's why AhnLab has prepared its arsenal and tried to stay ahead of hackers."


Since its successful development of an anti-virus product for Palm, a PDA operation system, in 2001, AhnLab has been accumulating technologies and expertises for mobile security by working together with SK Telecom and AhnLab Ubiware to co-develop mobile anti-virus for WI-TOP (Korea Wireless Internet Platform) and WI-PI (Korea Wireless Internet Platform) in 2003 and 2004, respectively.

"The development of the anti-virus for mobile phones powered by Symbian OS which takes a major part in the global market, gave us a chance to enter into a global mobile security market." said, Ike Kim, the vice-president of AhnLab. "We plan to continue our business in the area through close partnership with mobile phone manufacturers and telecommunication companies for our mobile security offerings."

About AhnLab
AhnLab, Inc. (KOSDAQ: #053800) is an industry-leading security solutions and services provider, headquartered in Seoul, Korea. Innovating the information security world since 1988, AhnLab's products and services have always been designed to meet the needs of enterprises and consumers alike. En route to becoming the largest security provider in Korea, AhnLab established its V3 product family as the industry-standard for information protection retaining nearly two-thirds of the Korean Anti-virus software market. Other cutting-edge technologies such as mobile device protection, online-driven consumer security, and enterprise consulting services have enabled AhnLab to grow at an incredible pace. Today, AhnLab reaches far beyond its Korean headquarters, maintaining a commanding presence in Japan and China, as well as having sales and research operations in more than 10 countries. More News and information are available at www.ahnlab.com.

via:  Gizmowatch, SlashPhone


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