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November 02, 2005

Makeover Your Laptop with LapSchticks

by Darla Mack

Since getting my lappy, I've looked for ways to improve its appearance and functions since this will be my primary computer.  And of course, I had to include "pink" in my search of customizations.  So, upon googleing Laptop Stickers and/or Covers I came across "LapSchticks" by Schtickers.

56_11022005008As you can see, I opted for what was called "Pink Suede LapSchtick" among the many different styles. 

Application is definately foolproof.  I contacted Leslie from Schtickers and gave her the measurements of my laptop and the end results were exact!  Once I got it I decided that I didn't want to cover the hinges so I shaved a bit off the bottom.  Now trying to be precise in lining it up on the cover of your laptop depends on the steadyness of your hands... and being as clumsy as I am I appreciated that the backing on the lapschtick was preforated so that I could peel, stick, and flatten as I attached.  LapSchticks are also re-usable and once removed from your laptop, can be stored on a non-porous surface for use later.   

Schtickers also makes customized stickers and I was considering going that route with my first design, but since different designs are added every month I decided to hold off on that.  I did, however, put in a request for a Hello Kitty schticker... and hopefully one will appear :)

I am definately impressed not only by the cool factor of this idea, but the customer service of the company.  One thing thats important to me is good CS and that was definately provided.



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i don't know if i want a sticker coverin the whole surface. i like little stickers, especially for my phone.

but, pink suede! ha, you rock!


Charlie... you have stickers on your phone?? Lol, what for? I'm curious to see what your phone looks like now after hearing this. I plan on putting some kewl stickers on top of the lapschtick. Since I can't have a Hello Kitty lapschtick I can put Hello Kitty stickers on top :)

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