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October 17, 2005

Upload Your Flickr Photos with ShoZu

by Darla Mack

ShozuShoZu is a really cool app that allows you to upload images to your Flickr account straight from your mobile.

ShoZu is free for download but requires authorization from the Flickr website.  Once you begin the download/install from the ShoZu site it will walk you through the steps of Flickr authorization. 

ShoZu requires that you have Internet service through your service provider since the application is sent for download via sms.

Saving to Flickr:  Once activated, each time you take a new photo, ShoZu will give you the option of  uploading to Flickr (You may turn this off if you wish). If you click OK, the photo will be uploaded quietly in the background, leaving you free to do other things.

Descriptions and Tagging:  You can also save items to Flickr later, from within the ShoZu application. This allows you to take your time to choose which images to upload or add a description or tags to each image. To add a tag, just type in the keyword within angled brackets (e.g. '<beach sailing>') at the end of your description.

Emailing:  Using ShoZu, you can also send your images by email directly from your phone to one of the contacts in your address book.

I've downloaded and installed this app to the 6630 and 6682 with no problems and was able to upload one of my images to my Flickr account just as easy.

ShoZu supports most Symbian devices but check their website for supported handsets.

I definately think this is a cool app, not to mention free, for all you Flickr addicts out there!!


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This seems cool but I am not sure why you would need this if you can email from your phone. I have a Flicker account that has a unique email address for my mobile phone to post to my account.
When ever I snap a pic (nokia 6620) and email it to FLickr it is automatically posted. No software needed. Am I missing something?


P.S. I actually have a plug-in on my blog that takes a feed of my recent Flickr photos. So from my phone to FLickr to my blog sidebar in one step.


Here's a few extras you get by using ShoZu...

- ShoZu's simpler. You get an (optional) pop-up straight after capturing a new photo that gives you the chance to save to Flickr immediately.

- ShoZu is cheaper as less data is transferred. Sending an image by email adds about another 50% to the size of the image for header information etc. ShoZu transfers the data much more efficiently and so only adds about 10% to the file size. ShoZu also recovers automatically from the point of failure if you lose connection while transferring your image. With Email, you'll need to start again.

- You can also attach a description and tags to an image that you've already saved.



wow. thanks. i will give it a try now.


how do you think it compares to lifeblog?


Hi Anina!! I wouldn't really compare it to lifeblog. I think Nokia has got their little niche with lifeblog on their mobiles, but for other Series 60 phones like the SE's and Seimens (and whatever comes after) I think its a good app to have for those who use flickr alot.


The other cool thing about ShoZu is that if you lose coverage you don't have to start again (so it is cheaper). Also, once the photo is stored you can email it around without paying each time. I read it here: http://www.flickr.com/groups/shozu-beta


Just wanted to let you and your users know that Photobucket now supports mobile uploads.
Just sms to your unique photobucket address or email it...

I hope you try us...




tmobileuser uk

just to let you know you can use lifeblog to upload to flickr, you just enter http://www.flickr.com/services/atom/ as the server, use your email addy as your username and use the alpha numeric password as your password, works lovely and u can tweak to your hearts content



Great to finally come across fellow cameraphone photographers! :)

I use an application called PixSense to automatically upload pictures from my Nokia 3230. I've tried Shozu and a few other applications but PixSense worked best for me. Main strengths I found in PixSense were:

1) Easy to configure settings for upload
2) Zero-click uploads (i.e. auto-upload)
3) I can also share (via sms and email) my photos and videos with my friends directly from my phone. I can also make my albums public from my phone.
4) PixSense has a WAP gallery (http://wap.pixsense.com) for people who don't have PixSense installed on their mobile phones.
5) In Shozu I need to make a shozu account and also a flickr user account. I just need to make one account for PixSense.
6) I can comment on pictures and videos from my camera phone itself.

It's pretty great stuff. Try it out and let me know what you think. Also, take a look at the photos/videos I took using PixSense on http://beta.pixsense.com/citygirl


Also, Shozu's installation/setup process was extremely long and painful. I found PixSense to be a lot shorter and with less to be done by the user.


I've tried PixSense and Shozu after reading this blog. And right now I'm not impressed,....atleast with Pixsense. I feel cheated. I installed the application on my phone and all my photos were automatically uploaded to pixsense website.

I am not very impressed by the fact that user does not have any power/ or choice. Why wasn't I asked before uploading? This would cost me quite an amount for GPRS data rates.

Furthermore, it goes on to re-label my pictures without a warning again. All my tags of the pics (that i had painstakingly cared to save) were gone in a second. Now all the tags are stored as "pixsense" followed by some numbers as the name is so long.

I am surely not impressed with this product.

Andy Tiller

Hope this doesn't put you off trying ShoZu. It doesn't automatically upload your photos (unless you ask it to), or relabel them.

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