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October 05, 2005

The Mobile Diva and the Pink um "Magenta" RAZR V3!

by Darla Mack


Motorola was nice enough to send me this unit to review for PDABuzz.com which should be up within a week or so.  According to Motorola, the correct color name of the phone once released will be "magenta" even though it looks more like a metallic pink.

Oh, and yeah if you are wondering... Maria's autograph isn't on it!! 

Now if I only had my Pink Pimp's phone number he would be the first person that I would call!! :)


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Oh I am JEALOUS! I need one of those in my life. Did Mot mention pricing/availability/etc?


omg i have to have one of those!!!!!!!!!
how much money are they ?????
Are they even a avible?????


Did the review ever go up on PDABuzz? I haven't seen it yet...

angelina alvares

i would like to buy this phone can you please send me a email with more info about this phone like how much is it? can i use it for a cinglar sim card? hoe do i go about buying it ? can you please send me this info thank you

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