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October 14, 2005

2 New Sidekick II's for T-Mobile

by Darla Mack

T-Mobile USA Kicks off DigitalLife with the Introduction of the T-Mobile Sidekick II Juicy Couture Edition and the T-Mobile Sidekick II Mister Cartoon Edition; Fashion and Function Come Together in New Solid Pink and All-Black T-Mobile Sidekicks

Mister_cartoon_tmobile_sidekick_ii_3 BELLEVUE, Wash. & NEW YORK --(Business Wire)-- Oct. 14, 2005 -- Some people will ask, "Is it a phone or a fashion accessory?" Is it for texting, talking or just a matching accessory? The answer is easy: yes to all. To help kick off the DigitalLife consumer technology event in New York, T-Mobile USA presented its new limited edition models of the T-Mobile Sidekick(R) II. Partnering with two of today's hottest and most authentic names, T-Mobile unveiled the stylish pink T-Mobile Sidekick II Juicy Couture Edition; and the bold, black T-Mobile Sidekick II Mister Cartoon Edition.

Available in limited quantities online and at select T-Mobile retail outlets in New York, Los Juicy_couture_tmobile_sidekick_ii Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco and Miami beginning Oct. 24 -- these two devices will continue to redefine the way people communicate. Whether it's instant messaging with your best friend from a concert, browsing the web for the latest sports news and scores, or simply chatting on the phone with your significant other, the T-Mobile Sidekick II is still the ultimate communication device -- and now it's even more of an attention grabber.

"T-Mobile continues to be a leader in style and innovation within the wireless industry and the T-Mobile Sidekick II has been the leading device in these areas," said Michael Gallelli, director and head of product marketing for T-Mobile USA. "That is why we are so excited to partner with Juicy Couture and Mister Cartoon, who are helping us continue the tradition of combining unique and intricately designed devices with T-Mobile's reliable, nationwide service."

To truly help make this device "your own," T-Mobile, in conjunction with Juicy Couture and Mister Cartoon, also is making available accessories for each device including:

-- Carrying Cases: Black leather and blue denim for Mister Cartoon LE;Pink and brown velour and black, gold and silver leather for Juicy Couture LE

-- Wristlets: Pink velour and black, pink, gold and silver leather for Juicy Couture LE

-- Charms: Yorkie Terrier; Heart; Cherries; Horseshoe; Surfboard for Juicy Couture LE (special Juicy Couture Sidekick Charm coming in November)

Although it is the outward appearance of these limited editions that will quickly catch the eye, what's new inside is notable as well. A new enhanced browser to be available later this year will provide more features than ever before; now, users will be able to program their TiVo, manage their NetFlix rentals and RSVP to the hottest holiday parties via Evite.

All of these new features combined with the traditional Web browsing, email, text, IM and phone features, as well as the unique swivel-open QWERTY keyboard, have made the Sidekick the cool tool of choice for many of the most famous names in music, sports and entertainment.

The T-Mobile Sidekick II Mister Cartoon Edition and T-Mobile Sidekick II Juicy Couture Edition, both based on Danger, Inc.'s hiptop(R) Wireless Solution; and the accompanying accessories, will be available the week of October 24 at select T-Mobile retail stores in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco and Miami. They will also be available nationally at www.t-mobile.com, while quantities last. Retail price for each is $399.99. Accessories range from $24.99 to $79.99(a). Additional information is available at www.t-mobile.com/sidekick.

(a) See www.t-mobile.com for terms and conditions. Mister Cartoon has exhibited in LA, NY, Tokyo and London. For more information, visit www.mistercartoon.com, www.inkthemovie.com or www.jokerbrand.com.


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Hey, I absolutly LOVE the sidekick 2. It's so great! Ahhhhh! It's wonderfuL! I love it so much. The new pink one is SO hot! It's the hottest thing next the the Razor on the market right now! GREAT!


Im feelin that Black sidekick...how do i get one?


hey, I am very interested in the Juicy Couture Sidekick 2. I went online to order it but it says theres no service or coverage in my area. What do I do?


can i unlock sidekick 2 so i can use it overseas?

Esterina Gocaj

hii i love sidekicks i used to have one but i just got robed march.23 on briggs ave. and i no longer own a sidekick 2 i would like to buy a new one but in juicy couture version and i would like an address to the nearest store in bronx that might sell one. Thank You for your help appriciate it



what it do ? i feelin the mister cartoon sidekick !!! but how do i get one? i'm in phoenix arizona and do they sale them here? well if you can back tome that will be great thx


i want to buy ablack T-Mobile Sidekick II Mister Cartoon Edition. i am intersted


Robert and Ivan... did you try going into a T-Mobile store and asking if they had them?




i want to buy the juciy side kick 2 so bad


Hey... do you know where i can buy a cheap mister cartoon sidekick 2 in staten island?


i really want that phone where can i get the pink one?


Where can i buy a juicy sidekick i have been looking all over the place to find one but i can't!


how do i get a juicy couture sidekick does t-mbile still sell it?

L and T

OMG!!!! my friend and i have tHis thing all planned out that i T get the #3 sidekick in pink with juciy on it and my friend L will steal it bc she is jelouse and then when her time is up for her old phone she will get one!!! perfect right!!!
L and T


where do i get the mister cartoon sidekick 2? i want one... they are really hot

Damaris Rodriguez

hey im thinking of changin my stupid phone how to i get a black one!!! is there a place you can personalize it? HELP HELP HELP!! i really liked it need one by december!!!


i already have a pink Juicy Couture sidekick
i was one of the first people get one in the US


Hey,My juicy couture sidekick is on its way from America,My friend in America rung up T-mobile and asked if it could be used over-seas they said YES as long as its unlocked...so hopefully thats true Xx oh and i live in the UK


where can i get the juicy sidekick??


4 get juicy couture i just want one soooooooooo bad but it's toooooooo high


Hey, i have recently seen the new sidekick 2 phone being advertised on a programme and wondered where i could get one? If possible a Juicy Couture one, if not just a normal pink one will do. Thanks ..<3


this is lauren. i really want a juicy couture sidekick two, but, they are just TO expensive. do you know anywhere that i could get a cheaper one without signing a new two year contract?



Hey you guys should get a sidekick 3 their better,well of course you guys didn't know about it when you posted you comment but if you did get one and you want a sidekick 3 just say that you want to traid it I have one it's awesome:)


how much is a juicy couture t-moible

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