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September 21, 2005

T-Mobile Handset Speculation Includes Pink and Blue RAZRS

by Darla


There is a discussion going on over at Howard Forums about the end of the year phones that "are" coming to T-Mobile.  Wait... whats that up there???  Is that a pink RAZR.. and a blue on?  Sorry, light chronium blue! (We won't get into that right now.)

In any case... I as well as others hope to see these and many others to hit the T-Mobile scene by years end.

Handset List

-Samsung T309 basic camera phone...just ilke the E335 but looks like a black X495. external color screen. No word on if e335 will be phased out.
-6101 on prepaid
-GC89 EDGE Data card
-NEW SAMSUNG T809 megapixel slider phone WITH BLUETOOTH!!!!!!!!!!
-Limited edition Black Sidekick II
(limited availability, very few stores will have it... website will have it)
-Moto PEBL by Xmas season in Black. (may be delayed)
-Moto V360...camera phone, Bluetooth, VGA cam, EDGE,
removeable memory with mp3 playback (v330 replacement)
-Blackberry 7105t, an update to screen and refreshed keypad
-HTC MDA ("Wizard") pocket pc with sliding keyboard. dark gray in color.
-Limited edition RAZR V3 exclusive to T-mobile in PINK and light chromium Blue


Note:  Wireless Imports has the Pink RAZR for sale for $1,549.00.  (EEK) But hey... its available.


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When I bought my Sidekick II in May I was told there would be a Java push to the phone so we could access Javascript by the end of the summer. When I called to ask about it they said no it will be in the new Sidekick - so are they referring to this one or a TBD Sidekick III? No Java sucks as a lot of sites can't be navigated through


Java on the SK2 will be in the form of a software update sent out to all devices. The T809 is hot!!! BT, 1.3 MP Camera, AIM, YIM & ICQ, Voice dialing, Transflash Removable Memory Card, MP3 Player, PDF, Word, Excel & Powerpoint viewer, TV out capability, and all in the "Thin is in Wrapping". It's everything the RAZR should have been functionality wise!

Big Rooob!

Just what I've been waiting for cause that's the only thing I don't like about my SKII...too bad my Nokia 3650 just showed up today...any idea on when the Java over the air update is going to go out?


I've had my Sidekick II since December but was already excited to learn that the new Sidekick III will come out *this* December. I don't know what new features it will have (smaller in size is one rumor buzz I've heard), but my good friends at T-Mobile assured me the 3rd should be out around the holidays.


The Pink Motorola V3 RAZR is now available in the UK.
The CPW Group have exclusive supply rights at least until after the holiday season but this is causing unrest amongst the other mobile retailers who can already see the potential of this stunning handset.

see: http://www.bestbuymobilephones.com/Motorola_V3_Pink_Cheap_Deals.html

Another new addition to the T-Mobile line-up is a Pink version of the MDA Compact II - Now available and proving extremely popular with career minded women.

see: http://www.bestbuymobilephones.com/t-mobile-mda-compact-2-pink-cheap-deals.html

Hope this helps,



Im looking to buy the new pink mda.. but i cant find it anywhere in the us... any thoughts on how i can get ahold of one. i have looked everywhere. Thanks.

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