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September 14, 2005

Pink IS The New Blog. It Sure Is!

by Darla Mack

It's very rare that I write about other sites that interest me, but this one I MUST give props to.   I came across this site while on my search for the truth about that damn Pink RAZR.  The first thing that I noticed... was all that pink!!!  While some might find pink offensive to the eye (I recall when I first started blogging someone who shall remain nameless stating that "yes you should definately change it from that Vagina Pink") I can honestly appreciate the colors and "bling" factor that it has to offer.

The site?  Pink is the New Blog.  The color... well pink of course!  The content, rumors, gossip, celebrities... oh and gadgets!!!  Now, what does this have to do with mobiles you ask?  Well, the grand master, Trent or Pink Pimp as I will call him, happens to be a gadget freak.  Trent actually owns a Pink Motorola RAZR, and I have to respect that totally.

I asked him, how did it feel as a man to own a pink RAZR.  Simply put, "It takes a real man to pull off a pink phone:)"

(sigh) my new hero!!!


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Ashley Moreau

How do I get one of the pink razr phones. Does cingular offer them? Is there some way to get them before they are released in stores in December? They are a fo sure "Must Have"!!!


i wanted to know about the pink razr phones. when will cingular be offering them? pink is my fav color so i must have this phone...thanx

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