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September 28, 2005

Tag Your It... You've Been Commwarriored!!

by Darla Mack

A while back I had mentioned that having anti-virus software on your phone is rather unimportant.  I kind of stick by that comment, however, I should stress that if you don't know what to look for or watch out for then maybe its a good thing to have.

V002I received a MMS from a person on my contact list who usually doesn't send me MMS.  I opened it to read it, but fortunately T-Mobile USA has this thing where its almost impossible to send a .sis file via MMS.   

Let me point out some key things about the Commwarrior virus:

Commwarrior monitors the phone's clock and spreads over Bluetooth during daytime (from 08:00 to midnight) and spreads via MMS during the night (from midnight to 07:00). The worm sleeps a random time between sending the messages, further slowing down the spreading.

This was noticable since both times that I received the MMS were at night.

When Commwarrior arrives via MMS, the user sees a message that contains social engineering text and an attachment. Unlike in Bluetooth replication, where the system installer starts automatically after receiving message (of course with normal installation dialog), user has to save the SIS file attachment from MMS before the installer starts.

Now just as a safety measure, I ran a scan on my 6600 which was the phone I was using when I got the MMS.  Running a scan while in F-Secure's 30-day trial period will still perform fully.  Fortunately the scan turned up no virus.  However, the 2nd message that I got was sent to the 6682, which for some reason F-Secure doesn't have a current version for.

I contacted my buddy and told her that its as simple as installing the app and running a scan in order to de-bug the phone.  She suspects that it was sent via email to her email client, which is another thing I didn't think of. 

More information on the Commwarrior Virus can be found on F-Secure's website.


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I hate to be rude, but the people who get mbile phone viruses must be retarded, i mean, all you have to do is turn off your handsets bluetooth unless you are EXPECTING a file, or not open executeable files contained in MMS's .... would you open a random EXE file in an email?? i think not...

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