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August 12, 2005

Nokia, Fashion, Lifeblog - Anina.net Invites Us Into the World of Fashion

by Darla Mack

Its one thing to have a busy schedule and make time to record the events of your day via blogging.  Now there is something new in the world of blogging and I think it will be highly appreciated by Fashionista's everywhere... Ladies, be prepared to put down that copy of Vogue!!


Supermodel, Anina of anina.net, together with Nokia have put together a mobile Lifeblog about fashion.  Bringing us into the world that so many of us woman wish we could be a part of. 

Lifeblogfinal"360fashion.anina.net is at the crossroads between Fashion and Technology, a 360 degree overview of what is happening in the world of fashion, as observed by professionals using the latest roaming technologies.
Thanks to the Fashion 360 project, each “spoke” in the “wheel” of fashion (model, agency, designer, journalist, photographer, etc.) is accessible from your PC or mobile phone!"

360fashion.anina.net enables the participating professionals to share their personal vision of their world, thereby creating an unexpected and creative forum for exchange from within the world of fashion.

This is definately a unique, first of its kind project and I'm sure that it will prove to be successful.  Hopefully Anina will pop by to answer a few questions on how this actually came to start... (hint hint Anina!)

For more information regarding the project, please visit 360Fashion.  Mobile users will be able to view the lifeblog via the anina.net Wap portal: http://micro.anina.net with a link to the Wap 360fashion page.

Edit:  For more information on Anina, please see this article writen by Josefin Skullbacka for Cell Phones Etc.


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thank you so much darla!


Hi Darla,

We posted an article on Anina a couple weeks back entitled "Blog your way to the top." The article looks at how Anina first started blogging and how she is using Lifeblog in her daily life.

If you're interested you can find it here:




Branden, thats a great article!!! If you don't mind I'm gonna add that link to this post for people that would like to know more on Anina. Thanks for sharing!!

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