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July 21, 2005

DVD For Mobile Phones

by Darla Mack


Well this should make watching movies on our mobile much easier.  In the past we've had greats apps such as SmartMovie and DVD to Nokia, and even tried our own unique way of getting those movies onto our phones.

Now thanks to ROK Player thats all conveniently done.  With ROK Player it is now possible to watch full movies, comedy programs, sports and music videos on your phone via MMC.

The first full-length movie released is The Shawshank Redemption (excellent movie) which fits on a 64mb card. 

From the Company Website

Nokia has announced a major distribution deal with ROK Entertainment Group for the retail of content-loaded memory cards for mobile phone play.

With an initial launch portfolio of 10 titles, to include the worlds first full-length movie, The Shawshank Redemption and the first ever music video compilation from The Ministry of Sound as well as such family favourites as Wallace & Gromit, Nokia’s 12 flagship stores across the UK will begin retail of what the company describes as ‘DVD’s for the mobile phone’ later this month.

“The technology behind ROK Player is very impressive” reports Mark Squires of Nokia UK “and we’re confident our customers will appreciate the high quality and the ease-of-use these content-loaded memory cards offer.”

The patent-pending technology behind ROK Player allows for the placement of a complete 2 hour film onto a 64mb multimedia memory card (MMC) or up to 4 hours of content on a 128mb MMC. The memory cards auto-load and play full-screen on the latest Nokia handsets, including the 6600, the 6630 and the 7710

“From the launch of the Sony Walkman 25 years ago to the recent iPod phenomenon, people have shown their enthusiasm for mobile entertainment devices” said Jonathan Kendrick of ROK Entertainment Group “ROK Player chips are, effectively, DVD’s for the mobile phone. People can now watch their favourite movies, TV programmes or music videos rather than just listen to the music whenever and wherever they wish.

via: PhoneMag


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