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June 15, 2005

Too Damn Hot!

by Darla Mack

No, I'm not referring to a gadget or mobile phone. I'm talking about the weather. For the past couple of days its been too hot for my brain to function... yeah I know it makes no sense. Thats the one thing I hate about being in NC... there is no shade.
I have a pecan tree in my back yard and I tried my best to sit out there with my thinkpad and get something accomplished, but the flies made it impossible for me to focus. I remember living in New York and being able to leave my window open with no sign of flies. Mosquitos yes, but no flies. Well, the country is totally different. The temp today was 95 degrees and just plain hot. Disgustingly hot... I'm talking 3 showers before 3pm type of hot!!!
Looks like this weekend I'll be out shopping for an AC... but I don't think that would offer much help. Central Air is whats needed in this case, but it's just not in the budget.
The funny thing is for the past 2 nights, my husband has taken the tv from our kids room and hooked it up outside by the satellite dish. That did offer some form of comfort, even though the neighbors thought we were nuts!
And like I told Gena from TechieDiva's... it's not that I haven't come across anything to write about, I've just been to aggrivated to do so. The majority of my info is on my pc which is in my bedroom and during the summer that is the hottest room in the house.
The one good thing is that I finally got this old crappy IBM Thinkpad working. It's not the most up to date laptop (running win98SE) and doesn't have much memory (1.9gb hd w/ 96.0MB of ram) but it does a little sumthin sumthin!! At least I can connect to my phone via bluetooth and soak up my unlimited internet via GPRS (T-Mobile is gonna hate me)!
So, its now 9:13pm and still hot... If I don't melt by morning I should be back tomorrow:)



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Hmm.. mosquitos and heat. Well, I'm pretty certain you can buy a USB-powered mini-fan for your laptop. It should help a little. However what you were saying about mosquitos got me thinking - I wonder if anyone has made a USB-powered bug-zapper, or at the very least something that will take one of those insect-repellant tablets.. Maybe there's a market opportunity :-)

Have a coooool day !

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