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May 03, 2005

New Way To Make Screensavers

by Darla Mack

I love finding new ways to customize my phone.  Other than the standard way of themes and software... but really getting into the phone and making it do what I want. 

I came across this tutorial on NokiaFree.org and after about a week of tweaking (cuz I'm a tad bit impatient)  I finally got my Nokia 6600's T-Mobile screensaver working on my TIM branded Nokia 6630. 

The instructions are simple, except the one thing that they don't mention, which I decided to do on my own, was to extract a screensaver from a different phone.  Also, this was done using a Nokia 6630, so unless your brave I wouldn't suggest trying it with any other handset unless someone else has done it and it worked.

So, to add to the well done tutorial on that site, here is what I did prior:

  • Using FExplorer (which now has its final release of version 1.13), go to z:\system\screensavers, select edit, mark all and copy all 3 files.
  • Send files to your PC via bluetooth.

  • Once thats done, follow the instructions on Nokiafree.org and use the 3 files that are posted on the site.

A few keynotes:  If you already have your own using the instructions that I gave above, you only need to use the ini file and the sc file from Nokiafree.  Since you already have an mbm file created you can use that one. 

I'm not gonna post the whole thing, but the end result was exactly what I wanted.  My default T-Mobile screensaver from my Nokia 6600 on my 6630.



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why dont u just mms the thing from one fone 2 the next?
the 6630 has java/symbian software+can convert to wallpaper many images-some automatically

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