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April 10, 2005

T-Mobile Handset Upgrades Now Available Online

by Darla Mack

Anyphoneevery12_190x66Well its about time.  T-Mobile makes it easier to do handset upgrades for its customers.  Now customers have the convenience of processing handset upgrades directly through MyT-Mobile either with or without contract extension.  Keep in mind though that the difference is with contract extension you get rebates on some of the phones.  Although its a great process the prices still leave a bit to be desired.  I listed the Nokia QD with full-discount eligibility as example:


Hmmm, still not comparible with the "New Customer Price"... but its a great start.  Just having the option of extending or not extending the contract is a very good detail. 


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how would i get to the upgrade screen?


Hey Mike,
Once you login to your My T-Mobile screen click the link that says phone and accessories. Providing that you have had service for more than 11 months you should see a box on the right that says upgrade your phone.


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