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April 05, 2005

Nokia 7280 - My First Thoughts

by Darla

03312005001Ok, the funny thing is, when I first took this out of the box and saw the little mirror I was like now that is so cool!!!  The Nokia 7280 is NOT, I repeat, NOT a phone!!!  It is an accessory.  The black lacquer appearance makes you wonder why it didn't come with a cleaning cloth.  I didn't want to leave my fingerprints on it!!  I have to commend Nokia on their design on this.  I powered on the phone and watched as the mirror turned into a screen.  Fabulous!!!! 
The Nokia 7280 comes with its own leather carry case and strap, which just makes it more of an accessory.  I can't really sum this up without saying the word accessory repeatedly.   Even the charger is fashinably packaged with its hidden compartment for the cord.  The 7280 also comes with precustomized themes including, wallpaper, tones and screensavers.  In the next few days I will be checking into it more and hope to have a review done Saturday. 
I took it to school with me and its funny that it got more of a reaction from men than women.  Of course the females gawked at the mirror and the sleekness.  But the guys were hooked on the size.  Hmmm, does this mean that size really does matter when it comes to men?


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Sweet Phone! and Happy B'day Darla =D


My Nokia 6682 is great. But, my 5-way-scroll key does not work when I press the left side. Everything is working fine. Has anyone experienced this?

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