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March 14, 2005

Welcome Home Hello Kitty

by Darla


Since today was a crappy day for me, I was happy to get home and see that my Hello Kitty phone had arrived... 2 days ahead of schedule.  Gotta give it to Sanrio, they are good at shipping. 


The Hello Kitty Nokia 6010, although marketed as a prepaid phone for Cingular actually came unlocked which was great.  Just slipped my T-Mobile sim card in there and everything was A-OK.  It has 4 different Hello Kitty wallpapers to choose from as well as 2 additional Kitty Tones in the Gallery.  Lol, it has 1 game called Helly Kitty Jum-pa lum-pa, which I didn't get into.  Of course the settings came pre-set with default pink!

The color... well lets just say that its definately a Pepto Bismol pink, but thats fine with me.

It carries the same features as the regular Nokia 6010 with just the additions of the Hello Kitty tones, game and graphics.


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How fab! I'm dying for my friend Lorraine to get one!!


I think its the cutest thing!!! And its unlocked which is a great thing... now to get rid of the Cingular sim card!!


Hey Darla,

Sweet phone, I love it


This is going to sound like the dumbest question ever, but what the hell is Hello Kitty? I've seen it all over the place, but is it a cartoon? A brand? A pop group? All of the above?

If it is a cartoon, what does Kitty do?


Sweet phone, Congrats!


Hi Darla,
soooo cute! I can't wait for my phone to come in, maybe i will get mine early too?? thanks for the pics and info!!


o0o0 i got dah same phone couple dayz ago.. and i messed mai sim card... lolz..


Does anyone know when the Hello Kitty phone (Nokia 6010) advertised on the Sanrio web site will be available in Canada (specifically Toronto, Ontario) and where in Toronto?. I desperately want one; I'm not a big fan of cell phones but I will get one b/c I'm crazy about Hello Kitty. Thanks.


Hey I ordered the phone and am very excited to get it....is that the box it comes in?


Hey Alissa,

Yes thats the box that it comes in. It's actually a cover sleeve to the regular Nokia box. I'm sure you will love the phone!!!



I'm a french gril crazy about this hello kitty cell phone, could anybody tell me if it works outside the US ?
Tnhank you


hey girl!! do you know where i can purchase a kitty phone other than on-line any specific store or a place that u know of.. thanks for your help..


nice phone.
do you know if i could get it in the uk?
im a 30 yr old woman who loves hello kitty.have done since i was 3.
now my 10 yr old daughter loves her 2.
i love hello kitty so much i have 3 tattoos of her.
many thanks



Can anybody help me I am trying to get a Hello Kitty Cell phone made by Okwap & I don't want to pay over $100 please help I am trying to purchase it for my daughter 's birthday


Good luck finding a Hello Kitty Cell phone by okwap for under $100. I made my boyfriend look for those phones in asia and the cheapest was around 400. you could buy one off ebay, but the ones with cracks and stuff are around 100 already.


i wuz justwondering if i could go to a nokia store and just buy it since it is prepaid and because iam a huge fan i just got a karioke machine for easter that was hello kitty i know alot about her. such as her old boyfrind danial went to africa with his parents. she has a new boyfiend named tippy i lov her and her life style. CIERA


i luv hello kitty soi think its a graet way to collect everything of hello kitty and i think its a great phone for teens because these days everyone is into cartoon charecters


Ooooooh that is the best phone ever!! And it's on it's way!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hi, I have my cellphone service with T-Mobile. So it's okay to get this phone and use my T-Mobile SIM card? Thanks!


Hey! Very cute & nice phone!
i have t-mobile can i use this phone?
how much wuz it?
do u know where i can get other hello kitty phones?
they usually are expensive.


hi darla!!!!! i cant believe my eyes!!!!! has the cell released in india yet??

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