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March 26, 2005

UPDATE: Nokia Wireless Keyboard - SU-8W Review (Nokia 6600 Compatibilty)

by Darla

Since my review, I've received alot of emails questioning the compatibility with the Nokia 6600.  Mainly because I had it pictured there.  Well as promised I spent time this morning testing it out and I'm happy to say that it does work with the Nokia 6600.   I don't know if the phones fw should be an issue (mine is v 4.09.1). 

I don't know why I didn't think to take the rs-dv mmc and place it into my 6600 just for the heck of it, but it did work and I installed the BT Keyboard app with no problem. 
The only known problems that I did encounter was pairing the keyboard.  Using the method thats explained in the manual didn't really work, so I went back to the old method of going into the phones BT menu and configuring the device from there.  Once I changed the setting to authorize connection it worked fine when I turned on the keyboard.

I know the next question will be "what other symbian devices does it work with", so once I get my N-Gage back from my friend I will test that out as well. 


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cool - thanks Darla :)

John Smith

Dear Darla,

I only have one question: what about incoming calls while you're typing? DOes it intrerupt the typing?


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