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March 16, 2005

Nokia Wireless Keyboard SU-8W Review

by Darla

Nokia Wireless Keyboard came today which made my day a bit more exciting. (along with my pink rabbit fur but I'm sure you are not here to hear about that).


I was surprised to see how compact it was, although I personally think that it should have come with a carry case.  But in any case, it wasn't as big as I thought it would be. 


Pairing the keyboard to the phone is done Keyboard002_4
differently than regular pairing.  The Keyboard comes with a 32 MB MMC that includes the Wireless Keyboard software application.  This application is needed to use the keyboard with the phone.
Once installed, you enter the 4-digit code that you would like to use to pair the keyboard.  Once you enter the code a message will display on the phone instructing you to enter that same code on the keyboard.  Enter your code and then pairing will be complete.  Once the Keyboard application is installed and the pairing is complete you can remove the mmc.  Connecting the 2 together afterwards is a breeze.  Just turn on the keyboard, activate the BT on the handset then press any key on the keyboard and you are instantly connected.

Setting the phone in the display cradle is pretty much simple.  Although not reall needed in order to use it does offer a comfortable view of your phones screen.  I took a pic of the 6600 in the cradle, but haven't tested compatibility with it. 


The cradle is adjustable for comfort and is real easy set.  Just slide the cradle out, and move the lever to set your phone to which viewing option is right for you.


The keyboard is a QWERTY keyboard with additional characters which are in blue and green. 

One of the cool things about the keypad is that you can open the message menu of the phone by pressing the blue message key on the keyboard.  Basically the blue keys help you to manuever around the phones menu.  The green keys are a bit tricky.  The top row alpha keys also include green numbers which are on the left, and green characters which are on the right.  To input the numbers, simply press the green Fn key and type.  To input the characters press the green Fn key and press and hold the shift key and type.  Simple enough.  The small display on the keyboard will let you know if the Fn key is active because th e Fn display will be lit.
To select special characters there is a key Alt Gr that you just press and release and the select symbol box will open on your phone.

The keypads are easy to use once you get the feel of them.  The space bar, however, feels a bit weird possibly because it is so tiny. 

So far I'm very satisfied with it.  Even though we have used mobiles long enough with their wierd keypads (if you can get used to the Nokia 7210 and Nokia 3650 you can use anything!) having a nice functional keyboard is a much better option.  Especially if you text message alot.  My only quirm about this is not having a carry case... but knowing Nokia I'm sure one will be available in the future!

UPDATEIn case you haven't seen the update to this review, I've tested the compatiblity with the Nokia 6600 and it works with no problem.



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thanks for lots of pics of the keyboard in action - it looks much more stylish than the Cygnet and Stowaway models. Are you sure this works yet with the 6600? Your screenshots seem to show a 6630 screen. Any idea of price as well?


Hi Luke,
I can't say whether it works with the Nokia 6600 or not. That picture was taken just for display as I was using the 6630 to take the pics. Expansys.com has them for purchase and the price is $150.


Thanks for the review. Wondering if typing numbers from the keyboard was just a matter of holding either a shift or Fn key and the corresponding key from the top row...or did you have to hit the keys multiple time like cycling through a phone keypad until you reach the number?
many thanks


What theme are you using?


In order to input the numbers you must hold the Fn key down until the Fn display is lit, then you can input the numbers. To turn the Fn display off you just hit the Fn key until the display light goes off.

The theme that I'm using is the default Nokia theme that came with my 6630. I just changed the fonts on it.


Thank you very much for the review Darla!
I have been using Nokia wireless keyboard (English layout) for a couple of days now- it is very handy!!

I'm wondering if you know how to write accented letters with the keyboard?
It says in the user guide that first press the accent key, then the desired letter key but I can't find
the accent key on my Nokia keyboard?!?!!
I wrote to Nokia but haven't got a reply yet.



is it work for quick office excell sheet ?
yesterday I try my friends bluetooth keyboard -I dont now the label is - and it won't work for excell, I used it for my n6600, it's only work for sms messaging and quick office word

t q


t q,

It works fine for quickoffice excel and word
with Nokia 6630.



Can anyone recommend a BT keyboard for a 6620?

thanks, Lori


The BT keyboard does work with the 6600 which I've tested myself... (just added the update to this post) I would think that it would work with the 6620 as well.

Yves Bounival

Just got the Nokia keyboard for my 6620. I cannot see the install file on the MMC card included with the keyboard. Does anyone can send the file via email ? My phone can pair with the keyboard but I cannot write. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. [email protected]


What are you using to read the mmc?


Got it in today!! It's confirmed, works with a 6620. I've had people tell me that the 6600 was different from the 6620, even Nokia said that they would not support it in they US. Thanks Darla :)


Great Lori... enjoy!!!


I cannot too see the install file on the MMC card included with the keyboard. Does anyone can send the file via email ? My phone is 7710. Tank

Yves Bournival

I am happy to read that my phone 6620 works with the wireless keyboard. The install file was not on the MMC included with the keyboard. Please, help me ! Can anyone send me the install file fo the keyboard ? Please ! I would like to use the keyboard I bought for my 6620. Thanks in advance. email me the file please. Thanks. [email protected]


Yves, I don't understand how you cannot find the install file. Where did you get the keyboard from?

Yves Bournival

follow up..... I got the keyboard from Expansys Canada. The only app found on my MMC card is "Wayfinder". I do not see the "install keyboard" app. Do you have the install file ? Thanks for your concern and help. Yves


I would definately contact Expansys and let them know the problem. Or contact Nokia and let them know the issue.

Yves Bournival

Thanks for your concern. But, to make things easier for me, is there anyone here that can simply email me the install keyboard file ? I would appreciate very much. I will still contact Nokia about this but if someone here can email me the file, that would be helpful. Is this file available for download somewhere ? I invested nearly 200.00 $ CDN on this keyboard, and I look forward to make it work. Thanks and have a good week. This forum is very helpful. [email protected]


Yves, its not that simple. There are different files located on the MMC, its not just a sis app. There is also a dat file and who's to say that it won't mess up your phone. Thats why I strongly suggest that you contact Expansys and see if you can do an exchange or have them swap mmcs.

Yves Bournival

Yes, I understand. No problem. I will contact Nokia tomorrow morning and let you know the results. Thank God there is people like you outhere. I appreciate.I will keep you posted. Have a good week. Yves

Yves Bournival

Read the link below. I am not alone at Expansys with the problem:


Yves Bournival

Called Nokia this morning: Told me to refer to Expansys. Called Expansys: Told me to ship back the whole thing to USA office. I did not keep the packaging. I do not know what to do. Darla, can I mail you my MMC card so you can copy all the files on it ? I will pay for your help. I trust you more than the guys at Expansys. Email me directly if you can do this. Thanks and have a good day. Yves

Yves Bournival

Update: 1) I ordered, received and installed successfully the install file for the SuntekStore Bluetooth Keyboard for my Nokia 6620. I am very happy. 2) After talking to an Expansys employee, he promissed me to get a new MMC that will include the install file for the Nokia SU-8W bluetooth Keyboard. I am still waiting from Expansys to this day. The Suntekstore keyboard gives me what I was looking for. Have a nice day. Yves. http://suntekstore.com/bluetooth-smart-keyboard-for-bluetooth-enabled-pdas-phones.html

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