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March 16, 2005

Nokia Wireless Keyboard SU-8W Review

by Darla

Nokia Wireless Keyboard came today which made my day a bit more exciting. (along with my pink rabbit fur but I'm sure you are not here to hear about that).


I was surprised to see how compact it was, although I personally think that it should have come with a carry case.  But in any case, it wasn't as big as I thought it would be. 


Pairing the keyboard to the phone is done Keyboard002_4
differently than regular pairing.  The Keyboard comes with a 32 MB MMC that includes the Wireless Keyboard software application.  This application is needed to use the keyboard with the phone.
Once installed, you enter the 4-digit code that you would like to use to pair the keyboard.  Once you enter the code a message will display on the phone instructing you to enter that same code on the keyboard.  Enter your code and then pairing will be complete.  Once the Keyboard application is installed and the pairing is complete you can remove the mmc.  Connecting the 2 together afterwards is a breeze.  Just turn on the keyboard, activate the BT on the handset then press any key on the keyboard and you are instantly connected.

Setting the phone in the display cradle is pretty much simple.  Although not reall needed in order to use it does offer a comfortable view of your phones screen.  I took a pic of the 6600 in the cradle, but haven't tested compatibility with it. 


The cradle is adjustable for comfort and is real easy set.  Just slide the cradle out, and move the lever to set your phone to which viewing option is right for you.


The keyboard is a QWERTY keyboard with additional characters which are in blue and green. 

One of the cool things about the keypad is that you can open the message menu of the phone by pressing the blue message key on the keyboard.  Basically the blue keys help you to manuever around the phones menu.  The green keys are a bit tricky.  The top row alpha keys also include green numbers which are on the left, and green characters which are on the right.  To input the numbers, simply press the green Fn key and type.  To input the characters press the green Fn key and press and hold the shift key and type.  Simple enough.  The small display on the keyboard will let you know if the Fn key is active because th e Fn display will be lit.
To select special characters there is a key Alt Gr that you just press and release and the select symbol box will open on your phone.

The keypads are easy to use once you get the feel of them.  The space bar, however, feels a bit weird possibly because it is so tiny. 

So far I'm very satisfied with it.  Even though we have used mobiles long enough with their wierd keypads (if you can get used to the Nokia 7210 and Nokia 3650 you can use anything!) having a nice functional keyboard is a much better option.  Especially if you text message alot.  My only quirm about this is not having a carry case... but knowing Nokia I'm sure one will be available in the future!

UPDATEIn case you haven't seen the update to this review, I've tested the compatiblity with the Nokia 6600 and it works with no problem.



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Yves, I just noticed that the install file has been added to Nokia's website and can be downloaded here.

Yves Bournival

Darla, Many Thanks for this precious link. Continue your good work ! We need you here. Have a good week. Yves in Montreal


Thank you very for the review Darla.
I have a pda (acer n50) and I was wondering if anybody has tried to use it with pda.
Even if nokia says that it only works with nokia phones, it supports the Human Interface Device (HID) Bluetooth profile, which means that it should work with many other Bluetooth devices that also support that profile, such as PCs and PDAs.


This SU-8W can write with greek caracters?

ingrid sandor

hello, please let me know how much your keyboard cost for the nokia 6630 and if I order one how long will it take to get to me thank you for your help


Does anyone know how to get the special characters that are under the (* +) key when text messaging? Some are accessible directly from the keyboard, but there are a handful that I don't see.

Dennis Canonizado

hello there, I would like to know if the SU-8w - compatible with the nokia 9500? will it work for documents / sheets? or just for messages?


I received my keyboard this week, and want to say it is really fantastic, especially you are very busy at work and need to reply to e-mails and text messages very quickly.
Also many say that the keyboard can only be used for text and e-mail , but it can also be used for games, general navigation and notes and everything, but one bad thing is that it has a flimsy stand for the phone, although it does hold my nokia 7610 and thats all that matters. Hopefully it will hold my N91 when I get it in the new year.

My advice is that if very keen texter and e-mailer then this is perfect and - hopefully nokia bring out a case for it as it has a very slick stainless steel casing i don't want it to get scratched but it is very vulnerable to scratching.

Jannet Hudson

Hi you guys!

I've just bought the Nokia wireless keyboard (su-8w) for my new Nokia N91. But the people that I bought it from lost the memory card that has the install software on it.

I've been to various Nokia web sites and have downloaded quite a few versions, but I haven't been able to find one for the N91 (the closet that I came to, was for the N90). Then I downloaded the software to my phone via the Nokia PC suite. But each time I sent it to the phone, I got an error message on the phone stating "sis not supported"!

If possible, could someone please email me the correct software for the su-8w Nokia wireless keyboard for a Nokia N91 phone! Thanx heaps =D

Many thanx in advance for all your assistance in this matter,

Friendliest Regards,

Jannet Hudson

Basit Ali

Hey, I bought this keyboard too, and just after 3 weeks of its use, It has stopped working :(:(

I feel so bad about nokia today ,
It costs so much
and now the left half of the keys of this foldable keyboard are not working...

The local repair center is unable to cure, so its a piece of junk for me :(

ich bin X

thnx i am planning on getting one and i found your review very very helpfull




Anybody know if this NOKIA Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard SU-8W can support russian font?
Can I download russian font, re-map the keys and use it to communicate with my Russian friends in Moscow?
I am receiving text messages from my friends in russian on my NOKIA 6682 smart phone and I am thinking I should be able to send them messages in russian as well ..?
Please, let me know if such option is available for me?

Thank you,


What are the dimensions of the key board when it is folded?


does it work in nokia 3230 handsets?

Basit Ali

I got the keyboard, used it for a couple of weeks and now the left half of the keyboard is not working as another user above mentioned.

I think it is a common manufacturing problem

and nokia support is unable to help

what a piece of junk it is for me now :(


Just wonder, would pocket top wireless keyboard (model-MP0118) work with Nokia N95?


chad simon s. noval

hi. im chad from the philippines. where can i get this keyboard? i have looked everywhere but most of the stores i went to doesnt sell it. i badly need this for my n95. thanks


hi, i`m looking for the Nokia Wireless Keyboard, SU-8W? how much u buy ? i`m syed from malaysia.


Yeah, its an interesting device, but my keyboard stopped behaving 2 weeks after I purchased it. The left half of the keyboard is not working now. I took it to local nokia repairs but they dont know heck about the keyboards. All they know are the handsets and their repair. I believe thats a big negative about the device.

By the way, if anyone of you have one of this broken keyboard, I may need some parts from you (possibly a cable) so that my half of the keyboard starts working.

Robert Mark Bram

Glad you posted the pics - thanks for that. Could you use it on the go? Say, while on a train? And can you touch type with it? The keys look too small.


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