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March 25, 2005

Changing Op Logos

by Darla Mack

This is the coolest tutorial since the font changer!!!

Thanks to the team at Symbian-Freak.com we now have a way to correct that op logo issue that most Charlie users (Nokia 6630) have been having.  Now, I must say... this is a time consuming process and you MUST follow the steps or else... well you'll just end up starting all over again.

Logo002Changing the op logo on previous symbian devices such as Nokia's 36xx, 66xx and N-Gage wasn't so difficult, but I have noticed that many people have been having problems with changing op logos on the newer Nokia's.

Since this tutorial is much more detailed then the others that I've blogged about I will just post the link. 

One thing thats different about this method is that it teaches you how to create a blank op logo, as well as extracting themes and reading the mbm theme format from your phone.

Thank you to Apocalypso for letting me use it for my blog!!!  Great Job!!

The theme used is Theme 2 of the Nokia 6680 themes that are available on Nokia's website

Symbian Freak introduces various researches for symbian users like:
Error Fixes, Modding, Tutorials and of course a detailed forum with professional support.


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Cool, now I must to get PS to try this tutos!?
that’s the bad point, otherwise this is really great info..

By the way...

Nice findout Darla, everyday of my life i always looking for a better site for my nokia6600 to look or at least be different from my friends mobile phone. until i found this site, its GREAT!!!!!!! Lot's of info,cool& stuff...


Darla , do you know how to edit a .sis theme for 6630?
just want to change font color. thats it....


there's a program where you can make your own op logo using pictures.. just look for it in www.aivanet.com it's in there smwhere :D


I am new user and i want to get some info about Mobile Op logos that's why i am here

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