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February 04, 2005

Copying Bookmarks from One Phone to Another

by Darla Mack

It all started with this helpful thread on All about Symbian.  Having recently purchased the 6630 and having all of my sync info up to date between my pc and 6600 the contacts wasn't my biggest issue.  The 6630 also comes with a transfer program for just that, but not for the bookmartks.   Utilizing almost the same procedure I was able to get my bookmarks list from the 6600 to the 6630.  Before you begin you MUST have fexplorer on both handsets and also a little knowledge on exactly how to copy files. 

  1. The location path in Fexplorer is C:\ System\Data.  Depending on how much stuff is on your phone, you might have to scroll.  The file that you are looking for is called Bookmarks.db. 
  2. Select the file and copy it to your pc or you can BT/IR it over to the phone that you want to add the bookmarks to.
  3. Once on the correct phone, open Fexplorer and search for wherever your mail folder is (phone/mmc).
  4. Once finding the Bookmarks.db file in your mail folder, go to options and cut or copy the file.  If you chose to copy you can always go in your message inbox and delete it later. 
  5. Now go to C:\\System\Data on your target phone. 
  6. With the Data folder open, go options > edit and paste the file.
  7. Close Fexplorer, go to Services and your bookmarks should be there!!

Thanks to Coolice for starting the thought process for me!!!  Lol I have so many damn bookmarks and I had to have an easy way to transfer them... or I could just stick with one phone for the rest of my life but what fun would that be?


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