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January 13, 2005

Nokia 6630 for the Americas? New QD in the Works?

by Darla Mack

I love rumors!  It kind of gives you something to look forward too.  My latest info is the arrival of the Nokia 6630 for the United States.  No details on the band, but it will include built-in flash and a lens cover and will support EDGE.  Ok, not too bad.

Next, there is the possible N-Gage QD (2?) or whatever it might be called.  The only thing that I've heard about this is the fact that it will have a camera.  Now this I find funny because a couple days ago I engaged in a 20 minute survey from someone at Nokia that called my cel (during class but since I was bored I left the room).  Some of the questions lead up to the mentioning of "what type of improvements would you like to see on the QD", camera being one option, and dual mmc slots being another option. (which I think would be great!)

Who knows when, if these rumors will pan out.... but like I said, it does kinda give you something to look forward too!!


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Darla your contact from nokia,did they say
what provider might pick up this nokia 6630
cell ph,i've got tmobile now and tmobile in
europe just launched it for them,would love
a reply.chuck

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