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January 22, 2005

New Virus Can Make Mobiles Useless

by Darla Mack

Link: MobileTech: New Virus Can Make Mobile Useless.

Tarek from Mobitech states:

"Gavno.a is spread under the file-name patch.sis and masquerades as a patch for Symbian OS phones.

Gavno.a cripples a phone by using a malformed file to crash an internal Symbian process. This file can cause enough damage to a Symbian phone that it can no longer be used to make phone calls.

SimWorks have also identified a second version of Gavno named
Gavno.b. It is identical to Gavno.a except that its installation file, patch_v2.sis is somewhat larger as its payload includes a copy of the Cabir and Camtimer Trojans. When Gavno.b is installed Cabir attempts to send a copy of Gavno and the Camtimer Trojan to other nearby Symbian phones via Bluetooth."

SimWorks Antivirus can be found here.


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