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January 15, 2005

Goodbye IE, Hello Fox!!

by Darla Mack

Trust_white_1I know, I know... It's been around for awhile, but you never look for something better until something goes wrong with what your already using.  After almost a week of trying to figure out how some kind of malware attached itself to my Internet Explorer, I gave up.  With Nortons running and up to date it seems to me that its useless.

Erik Thauvin of Mobitopia gave me some tips on some extra  tools to use. I installed Microsoft's Anti-Spyware which found some of the issues.  Installing Spybot's Search & Destroy found some other interesting things on my pc.    With the Anti-Spyware running I kept getting pop-up messages with a request notice that IE was trying to change its default url.  So on my pc, IE has more authority than I do!!! 

Thanks to some convincing words from the members of Mobitopia I installed Firefox.  Satisfied is not the word.  Slightly beyond satisfied sums it up quite well at the moment.  Firefox has enough plug-ins, extensions and themes to keep me busy for awhile... until something goes wrong!   Whats funny is when you go to the site, there is instructions on how to change from IE to Firefox (guess they knew I'd be coming)  See here.

Another thing, as my buddy Greg would say... tabs tabs tabs!!!  Much easier than having a whole bunch of windows open.

My first add-on, thanks to Frank Köhntopp was Chatzilla, which is totally awesome!!  Enough to make me remove mIRC from my pc .  Chatzilla is an irc client that runs on Mozilla's Firefox browser. 

My second add-on was the Gmail notifier which if I used my Gmail as my everyday mail client I would love.  A notifier box shows up  mail is checked every 10 minutes.
I was tempted to try Thunderbird, but decided against it for right now.  Unfortunately,  the college that I attend is still using IE or Netscape for the online courses, so for those I'll just have to use Netscape.

So here it is 10:29pm and the tasks that I set out to do this morning was only partially completed due to a very well informative side-tracking!!


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