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January 17, 2005

Coffee Filters Come In Handy For Mobile Phones

by Darla Mack

Did you know?
We use our handsets everyday so all of that oil and debris ends up where?  All on the phone.  Our precious devices.  Residue and sweat from our palms produce a small amount of oil which we transfer right to our phones.  Simple solution?  Coffee filters!!  I learned this as a make-up artist to be an inexpensive substitute for oil blotting papers (Chanel sells theirs for 50 bucks!!).
Unlike tissue and paper towels that leave traces of lint particles, coffee filters absorb the oil and residue leaving behind a clear screen and handset.  Viola!!


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I use one of these kits....www.klentel.com...great for keeping the screen and camera lens clean www.klentel.com

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