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January 16, 2005

Charity By Text Messaging

by Darla Mack

The Tsunami disaster is the biggest thing to hit our hearts since the events of 9/11 (or if your like me, since Bush stole the election in 2000, but thats a different story.)  I've recently read many donation stories and scams that have started because of this and wonder where peoples intentions really are. 
For mobile guru's and diva's there is a way to make effertless donations.  Cingular Wireles, Verizon Wireless and Alltel are among the US Carriers that have made it possible to make donations via sms for its customers.  (T-Mobile is so behind)  Donations can be made in small increments , but I don't think that there is a limit of how many times a donation can be made.  I think that this is a great method.  No credit card info released anywhere, which is good. 

For those that still want the traditional approach but aren't sure of what charity to donate too, stick to the basic.  Go to the homepage of Red Cross and select your area.

In early January, Cingular Wireless sent a text to its subscribers, providing them the option of donating either $.99 or $1.99 to several different tsunami relief agencies by sending a simple message back.   The charge will appear on their next phone bill, 100% of which will be donated to specific relief agencies.

Verizon Wireless and ALL TEL have implemented a similar program; through February 10th, customers with text messaging capability can send a message to 4CARE (42273) with the word “gift” in the message.  They will receive a message asking them to confirm a donation of $5 to CARE, a leading organization assisting with tsunami relief efforts. To confirm the gift, they will reply with “yes” or “y.” This can be done up to five times, for a total possible contribution of $25 per customer to CARE.


 Charity By Text Messaging


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