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January 11, 2005

Another Worm Comes Our Way.

by Darla Mack

F-Secure announced yesterday et another worm that affects the Symbian Devices.  Lasco.A which is based on the Cabir worm and very similar to it.  the difference is that Lasco.A will attach itself to any .sis that it finds on the device, making it easier to transfer to another bluetooth device if in range.

Lasco.A replicates over bluetooth connections and arrives to phone messaging inbox as velasco.sis file that contains the worm.  When users click the velasco.sis and chooses to install the velasco.sis file the worm activates and starts looking for new devices to infect over bluetooth.

When Lasco.A worms finds another bluetooth device it will start sending infected SIS files to it, as long as the target phone is in range.  Like Cabir.H, Lasco.A is capable of finding a new target, after the first one has gone out of range.

I know we can't protect ourselves at all times, but the best way to avoid the possible ordeal of virus infection is A. keep your phone in hidden mode; and B. Get yourself an Anti-Virus Software.  Don't you protect your pc?


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