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December 24, 2004


by Darla Mack

Now this is exciting to me... and just in time for, uh, whatever!!  This was mentioned about 2 months ago on All About Symbian.  Thanks to ZEDGE, there is now a tutorial on their  site that is very easy to follow. Keep in mind that once you use this, your default fonts will be GONE!!! Its suggested to back-up your phones memory to your MMC.

Modern Font       Tahoma Font

Yes you read the subject correctly! And its very easy too! Before I start with the tutorial, take a look at the pics below, those are the ones I tried on my phone (6600 firmware v5). This also works on firmware v3 & v4 on the 6600.
WARNING: You will lose your default font once you follow the steps below. So be sure to make a backup of your phone settings in the MMC for restoring purposes.

Also prior to installing this fonts, I suggest you install FExplorer on your phone. Ok so here goes...

Step 1. Download the fonts HERE.

Step 2. In the Zip file you will see
+ FontRemover.sis
+ tahoma.sis
+ modern.sis
+ set3v3.sis
+ mssans.sis
+ symbol.gdr
+ comic.gdr

Step 3. Then send the FontRemover.sis to your phone and install it. Once installed, launch the application and it should ask you if you want to delete font. Click on Yes and it should tell you to reboot your phone. Do NOT reboot first.

Step 4. Now send one of the font sis files, lets say modern.sis to your phone and install it to your C drive (your phone, NOT mmc). Once installed then reboot your phone.

Step 5. When it starts, you should see the default fonts replaced by the ones you have just installed.

Now I cant stress this more but you need to understand that you can only use ONE FONT at one time. If you want to use another font, you will have to go back to step 3 & 4.

As for the .gdr files, you will need to do it this way.

Step 1. Use FontRemover to remove the fonts.

Step 2. Open FExplorer and goto C:\system and create a "fonts" folder as shown below.

Step 3. Send the .gdr file to your phone. Do not open it as it will say unknown file format.

Step 4. Find the file in your mail folders (C or E:\system\mail\00001001_S\0-9, a-f) using FExplorer.

Step 5. Copy or Cut the file and then paste it to the C:\system\fonts folder.

Step 6. Exit FExplorer and then reboot you phone.

So its that simple. In my testing, I found that some fonts like tahoma & mssans does not make much different (well atleast to me) as the modern font did. As for the 7610, I only managed to try on a v4 firmware and I noticed that the impact of the fonts is not so much as you would see on the 6600.

UPDATE: Sorry Ewan for not getting the right info :)


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I think I have updated that tutorial. I guess by now some would know that you will not actually lose your original fonts after installing any new ones since the default fonts are stored in the Z drive, which totally unrewritable. So if you got bored of the fonts you installed just simply remove them and reboot your phone.

I think you'll also find a couple of extra fonts posted also in Zedge ;)


tried it, but only changed the fonts for FEExplorer on my 6630.
The rest still same font...


Hmm, Jeff that doesn't sound right. It should change the fonts on the whole phone.


I never saw a site like this, with 5% content and 95% advertising...

Darla, are u getting any money out of them?!?!


how do i get my original fonts back
please help!



Look at the first comment. Just remove the fonts that you have installed and reboot your phone. The original font will be restored.


just want to know, how to change font color in a .sis theme file?


plese help..........!

how can i get my origenal fonts..?
i am using nokia 6630.
i am waiting plz help....


I encountered the following problems:

1. I have installed a GDR font that can increase the font size in C:/systems/fonts. It works smoothly. But after I updated the firmware to v5, strange things happened. My n70 can sometimes read my GDR font and sometimes it cannot. usally after a restart of n70, it will be cable to read my GDR font. But recently, imy n70 just fails to read my GDR font.

2. I have installed themes into n70. Some themes can be installed while others cannot. Even though all themes are created for n70 only. But when I removed the MMC card, those thems that cannot be installed previously can now be installed.

Any suggestions on how to fix them.
Many thanks.



Abel, that is done using the Theme Creator. You would have to change the font color during the theme making process.

Saqibjan, as mentioned before, just uninstall the font and reboot your phone.

ewlk, after you upgraded the firmware did you try uninstalling the font and re-installing it? As far as the themes question goes, I would suggest maybe posting that issue on the Symbian Themes forum. Where did you get the themes from and are you sure they are only compatibile with S60 3rd edition devices?


Hmm, my I ask something?
I installed 2 fonts that different and I want to get back my original font. I already delete that 2 font but it seems that one of the font still replacing my original font.
I already copy from Z directory, it works but it just change the half on it (the profile name changes but the display shortcut, menu selection still use that one of font I installed before).
Well, can I get my original font back without hard reset my 6630?
Thanks a lot

Ritzi Yap


i have an N70 and i tried to change my fonts.. guess what? it works great!

see it here: http://www.ritziyap.com/n70/tahomafont.htm


ufaq shah

i installed a theme.fortidoByPasco,it replaced the original Fonts.Now i can't get back them.I tried the process mentioned above this site,but it doesn't ask wheter to REMOVE the fonts?..Kindly reply me and assist me in this matter.
Thanking You



Hello Ritzi Yap,
That's great you've had success!! I've got an N70 but tried everything from using new .gdr fonts in C:/Systems/Fonts and rebooting to creating my own .gdr fonts using software but nothing seems to work. I would very much appreciate it if you give us some specific details how you did it. Ta!


i instaleed the fonts on my ngage qd but now my ngage is f*cked up...


I can not install the fontremover on my N70. It says "Unable to install secrurity error". How can I install the remover. Thanks !


where can i get gdr type of fonts for my fone? please help.


hi ppl,
i recently bought a N70, and i installed a theme call vista, after couple f days i deleted it, but now my default font has changed, and it looks big, i dun't lyk at all, so can anybody help me to get wutever default font on a n70, and can anybody tell me wut is the default N70 font name... plz help me guyz...

thank you


OK, I had the same problem of many of you.
I read here: http://www.astahost.com/info.php/change-fonts-s60-phone-tutorial_t9018.html

...by the other precious info, that to have the original font back, you just need to delete your font using Font Remover and REBOOT. And that's really it.

1) Install the FontRemover.sis file on your phone as you would normally do BUT make shure that you install it in PHONE MEMORY.
2) Start FontRemover and when prompted to remove the font say OK and REBOOT.


helpppppp!!!!! i have installed the EASY GDR CREATOR last month and it realy worked. but i reformated my pc and loast the app..

and i install it again but whenever i HIT the COMPILE TO GDR tab, no .gdr file will be produced. but if i hit the SAVE BMT? button, it works.. what shall i do,.?? thanks


Hi, my N70 go with new fonts okay. After instalation FontRemover I have back my original fonts with no problem from phone "Z" directory (unwritable) too. But do you haven´t about some solution with use non-us language GDR typefonts? Or do you know, if exist some "GDR FONT EDIT" software? I use EASY GDR CREATOR, but this is only creating GDR from ttf fonts. I have czech fonts (ttf), but couple fonts are bad. Thnks, Mike


thanks alot! it really worked on my 6600. i want some new fonts exept these 5 fonts in download pack. where can i get new fonts? :)



same like jeff, only changed the fonts for FEExplorer on my 6630.please help me and jeff


Does this procedure works with Nokia E50?. I only got as far as tring to install fexplorer.sis & fontremover.sis in my phone but the phone said these programs can not be installed. ANy advise? Tx


@zap, I don't think this procedure is ready for S60 3rd edition yet. First of all, the Fexplorer app isn't all that stable to handle the tasks of this method, so I wouldn't go that route. I would honestly check out Symbian-Freak's forum to see if anyone has successfully tried this and got it working... lol then report back!

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