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July 29, 2010

Nokia N8 / Ovi Store Features Showcased In On-Device Promo

by Ernest Doku

Whilst we're firmly aware that the functionality isn't quite the real deal in this promo reel, it's a good move for Nokia to show off the wide variety of wares available on their phone and in the Ovi Store as soon as consumers take it out of the box.

This Nokia N8 demo packs almost everything into its brief running time, from instant messaging to gaming and everything in-between.

With Vodafone iPhone deals showing off the web savvy nature of the device and Orange iPhone deals focussing on freebies like Orange Wednesdays, for Nokia to fight back with a salvo of handset specific functionality like free GPS on Ovi Maps in this vid is certainly a shrewd one.

With word that the N8 could arrive as soon as September in Europe, the Symbian^3-powered handset needs everything in its burgeoning armoury to fight back against Apple's best efforts...

Check it out below.

Nokia On Device Demo from Amin Todai // OneMethod on Vimeo.


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