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June 02, 2010

World Of Nokia Site Closes Doors

by Ernest Doku

Yesterday was a sad day for mobile and Symbian fans in general, as the hugely popular World of Nokia site announced their intentions to shut their the door and turn off the lights for the last time...

Citing a loss of faith in the Finnish phone maker and claiming identikit handsets, Dan of World of Nokia became disappointed in their continued reliance on the Symbian platform for new phones like the N8, to the point where he thought that “Nokia have stopped being as creative as they once were.”

It's a sad situation and is indicative of a general feeling that both industry pundits and fans alike have towards Nokia - that they simply aren't interesting and relevant in a post iPhone world.

Whilst the N8 gives us a glimpse at Symbian's future at the phone maker and both Nokia Conversations and WOMNokia do a brilliant job keeping us in the loop, the disappointment of last year's heavily hyped N97 and the pricey N900 burned even the most devout Nokia flag wavers.

He ends with a poignant message, underlining just how the competition has caught Nokia - and us -  completely off guard:

“Other players have moved with the times and Nokia is still dragging it’s heels, you only need to see the large quantity of Nokia fans who have parted ways with the company and moved onto a different platform such as Android or iPhone.”

Admittedly, Google has managed to come from nowhere to completely supersede Symbian as the open source platform of choice, offering a completely flexible and customisable smartphone experience to manufacturers, as well as one that consumers enjoy to use.

Let's hope that Nokia can get back on track on both the software and hardware side, and deliver a phone for us ardent fans to believe in once again...

We sincerely hope that the move to CoolSmartPhone is a successful one, and will miss both Dan and Christian on the Nokia fan scene.


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