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April 28, 2009

Age of Empires III released on N-Gage

by Clinton Jeff

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Age of Empires ® III – N-Gage represents an evolutionary step from the previous installments in the acclaimed series. The focus of events shortly predates the campaign of the PC version, chronicling the events leading up to the first mission. As the player defeat enemy units and buildings, they will be awarded with experience points. Experience points can be used in conjunction with support cards to summon reinforcements and resources from the player’s home city. New support cards are awarded for completing battles. With each victory the player will be presented with an achievement breakdown, which is recorded to the player’s profile and compared with other players on mobile and online.

Age of Empires III is now released on N-Gage ! You can read more about the game, on its Official Game Page.

To download the game, navigate to the Showroom Tab in the N-Gage application in your Nokia device, select “Option” and then “Update now“. After doing that, you should see it listed in the showroom.

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Or download it from the N-Gage Web showroom.

(Note: The game seems to only be available in the Device Showroom for now though, at the time of this post.)

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The game weighs in at just a 4Mb download.

[Via ZOMGitsCj]


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