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August 23, 2007

Changing OP Logo's for S60 3rd Edition - Finally!

by Darla

Since I've been away I've received some tips on the availability of S60 OP logos for S60 3rd.  Thank you Saxen for letting me know. 

My buddy P@sco has sent me his tutorial in English to post for all of my readers interested in changing the op logo's on their devices.  I have yet to do this because I've been too exhausted, plus my N95 needs a fresh format to accommodate its new 4gb microSD. 

Here is the tutorial:

We need a bmp image of 128*32 pixels, and sure we need the program we can find HERE.

Check on our phone that messages are on phone memory. it's important, we're going to use memory card and if we save messages on memory card we'll lose them all...

Connect the phone using mass storage mode, then open NokiaLogo:

Right click on the image permits us to load or edit the logo image:

click on Load and choose an image for logo:

Now select the operator logo we want to use:

Choose memory card drive on our PC (PC, not Phone!):

Click on Export. The program will inform us that all the content of mail2 flder will be empty.


Obviously click on OK:

It'll appear a dialog windows as per copy/past. do not close it

At the end of the process, the program will inform us of the success:

Ok, now we can close program and detach the phone from PC..

Let's go on message settings, and on memory in use choose memory card:

In Inbox, find the message with operator logo and open it.

Choose options -> Save

Our logo is ok now! let's go to idle to see it:


A presto!

Important! not all images are ok, if you find some trouble with images, try using "reverse" and "mirror" command that appear when right click on logo image in the NokiLogo program, and remember to edit and save images as 8 bit bmp!

Thank you P@sco for your english translation of your tutorial!! 


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I know this may seem a silly, simple question. How do I go about reverting to the original operator logo? I found instructions of creating, installing and replacing different or blank logos, but none on how to go back to the original.


Hi, i have a few questions for anyone who has any experience with this program. The set i'm trying this on is a N95, my operator is the Dutch T-mobile, memorycard drive is letter G.

*can somebody tell me which operator/code i should use for the Dutch T-mobile?

*in NokiaLogo i try the step: click on export, the program tells me [ the SD card is invalid ] , so i tried all other listed drives and i keep getting the same message. Any way of pointing me in the right direction would me much appreciated thnx!


* the list of operator codes are here on P@sco's website

*make an empty folder 1000484b in the /Private folder of your card and the SD card is invalid error is gone.

Darla can you plz get P@sco to tell us the exact settings he used to export the 8 bit bmp in his screenshot.

i tried many variations in Fireworks [BMP 8: Adaptive, Exact, Black & White, Grayscale], but after exporting to phone all i got for the oplogo was gibberish or a blank pic when i used b/w..


i like your blog a lot.. keep up the good work. :)


Thnx for the help Gaurav!

About the settings for the bmp: in MSpaint [SAVE AS...] [Monochrome Bitmap]

I found the code for the Dutch T-Mobile (it's 20416), but where do i enter it?


I have entered my operator code in the Operator field, but it says it is invalid. I have had success using CMCC, saving the logo works, but nothing happens. I can't work out the Operator Code bit. Any hepl, please?


i used this app but now i cant see even my original logo and either mine and also i have no signal :S WTF !! help !! :'(

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