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July 17, 2007

Our Daily Bread for Mobile - Devotional Java Downloads

by Darla

Some of the things that I don't share on this blog are my views on Religion and Politics.  No matter where you go those are 2 things that always spark a pro vs con argument.  But in the true tradition of mobile culture I wanted to share this with other Believers.

You don't need to be a certain denomination in order to carry a little Spiritual guidance with you, and since we always revert to our mobiles for things what better place to have it included.

Ourdailybreadmobile For a few months I've been a reader of Our Daily Bread.  I have the booklets mailed to me and I try my best from time to time to give them a read.  Of course, being me,  I went on my search for something pointing towards a mobile version.  I did come across a link to bookmark on my mobile but I wanted something a little better than that.

I came across a site called Mobile Daily Devotions and amongst their list of other spiritual downloads was Our Daily Bread.

This version of ODB is a java app that can be installed on your device.  Since ODB is a monthly periodical you will have to download the newest version every month.


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Great daily food source. I tried creating a widset beta entitled "Spiritual Growth" along the same vein...check it out.

Max Waterman

I'm also a reader.

Unfortunate that it doesn't automatically download the new version. It seems a little inconvenient, IMO. I'm wondering what advantage there is in just looking at the web page. Loading time and any additional cost are two, I suppose. Any others?



The one thing that I love about it is the fact that it doesn't use data at all. Plus, when you open the app it open to that current date.


How do you install it on the N95? Can't figure that out, pointers welcome

Janet B L

Daily devotional is quite interesting, i want to be part of the Mobile Daily Devotional

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