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March 31, 2007

Nokia N95 Maps - Where Am I?

by Darla

For a few days the GPS on the Map's application on the N95 couldn't find me.  It had me in Brazil, which of course I wouldn't mind being there if that were true.  So I guess you can say that today ended my virtual vacation in Brazil.

When first opening the Maps application the globe appears.  If it automatically detects your satellite then the globe will slowly rotate to your point on the map and then zoom into to show where you are. 

If at first you are having problems the quick solution is to manually get the N95 to detect your satellite.  Kind of like manually searching for a network.


Screenshot0015 Screenshot0016

In order to do this you must first open your Maps application and select Options > View > Satellite Info.

At first you might see something like the second image shown.  Thats when you have to manually have the N95 search for the satellite.  This isn't a device flaw, and since I'm no expert on satellite and positioning I can't really say what brings on this issue... I'm just glad that there is a solution.

Once the device starts searching for satellite info you will see a group of bars.  If they are empty that means that no satellite status is available.  Don't worry though, the search is still being performed.

Once the satellite info is found you may hit the back button and should be in the correct location and position.

I'm not putting a guarantee on this method as so far its only worked for me, but if you find any success in testing it please let me know.  :)


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Jukka Eklund

That's a nice tip! I have the problem that even after I see enough of bars for satellites it still takes anything from 1 to 5 minutes to actually show my position :(


Thx Darla,

I hope this works- hadn't appreciated the difference between the empty and solid bars. The manual which came with my N95 weasn't great in describing this.



Mate you a legend, was trying for days and uve done it for me, gps is wikid thanks man takes like 20 seconds to find my exact location on the n95, cheers

Maurice Epstein

Thanks Darla very mucho for ur help, I was all day trying to make the GPS work and i coulnt until i read ur article.


I have had similar problems with my N95, but I came up with an other solution, I´ts not that scientific yet but it usually works when the phone doesnt get it right:
Start up the "GPS data" application under Tools and let the promps "searching for.." and "calculating.." disappear and then enter "Position" mode and wait for the data to appear, when thats done u launch the Maps-apps and it finds you.


Thanks for the info but I am still waiting for the signal as I am writing this. :(

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